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This blog post will be a growing list of links to another page where I occasionally do reviews on Messianic as well as Christian books. Any secular books that I read/listen to will also be listed here with a short review. Check back each month as I hope to add new content at least that often.  Just for stopping by and checking the review list I want to make sure you are rewarded with a free audiobook from . Get one FREE audiobook HERE!  Just my way of saying thank you.


    1. The Mystery of Iniquity     by Michael Rood
    2. Awakening to Messiah      by Rabbi K A Schneider
    3. Restoration: Returning the Torah of Moses to the Disciples of Jesus 
    4. The Rabbi Who Found Messiah    by Carl Gallups

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One More Thing


You know, you can get just about anything online these days. You can get a spouse, a car, a vacation to Bora Bora….you can even get worms. Yep, W-O-R-M-S! Worms!!


You may be asking what in the world do I need worms for!? Well, if you are considering purchasing the Garden Tower 2 then you should buy some worms from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm. If you’re wondering why you need to buy them rather than dig them up there are a few reasons why purchasing them is much better.

Reason #1 You need to purchase composting earthworms because they will bring the best natural fertilizer directly to the root base of your plants from the compost tube. The worms eat your kitchen scraps that you dump into the center tube of your Garden Tower 2, then they travel out into the garden area of the tower. Their food digests, they poop near your plants, then they return to the food tube and repeat the process. In doing this they are giving your plants the most sought after garden amendment/fertilizer known to man. Not only that, but they are also helping to raise the moisture content ability to your soil helping it to maintain healthy moisture levels between waterings when watered on a proper schedule. You do not need to be concerned that these worms will be bringing fresh manure to your plants roots. Their manure is naturally balanced and ready for immediate use by your plants. Worm manure will not burn your plants no matter how much they deliver. Try that with other manures and things won’t end so well for your garden.

Reason #2  You need to start with a larger number of worms than what you are going to be able to dig up over several hours. You need to start, in my opinion, with at least 500 worms. You see, if you start with only 20-30 worms that you dig up from your backyard or buy from the bait store, it could take them months to reproduce into the number of worms you need to adequately compost the material you dump into the center tube of the Garden Tower 2. And, if you try to purchase that 500 worms from a pet store or a bait store it will cost you quite a bit more than purchasing directly in bulk from the worm farm. (500 worms from Uncle Jim will roughly cost you $35 including shipping. Buying 500 worms from a pet store or bait store is likely gonna cost you $125 more or less.)

Reason #3  that you need to purchase them is that not every earthworm is good for composting. The Red Wiggler earthworm is the only true composting earthworm that there is, and if you happen to mix them with certain other earthworms in a colony situation you are liable to cause a clash of clans type of event in which your Red Wigglers could be completely destroyed. Not the best situation for your garden.

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Garden Tower 2 (first update)


Day 1 Feb 19, 2018

Ok everybody, just a quick post about my Garden Tower 2. I’m basically a month into the growing season, and the results are very good so far. Compare the photos here and the dates they were taken.  I used  the cheapest potting soil that was available from Lowes. I believe it did have fertilizer in it which worries me for the worms, but so far they seem to be doing fine. If it is a chemical fertilizer I know that over time the effects of the chemicals on the worms will decrease as the amount of chemical will decrease. As the chemical fertilizer decreases the worm compost will increase and eventually my Garden Tower 2 will be completely organic.

Day 13 March 4, 2018

Looking at Day 13  it appears that my plants have more than doubled in size. At this point I had not even dumped the bottom tray of water into the top because we have had plenty of rain so far this season.

Day 29 March 19, 2018

And now Day 29. WOW!! I am now starting to pick some of the greens to make a small salad, but no tomatoes just yet. I am absolutely loving this thing and I have to admit I cannot see gardening in any other way. Let me give you my reasons. My time is very valuable. When you factor in the time that it takes to plow, plant, and work your traditional garden, the cost in time alone is phenomenal. It is a daily time commitment throughout the growing season as well. You must factor in every detail as well, both time and financial. You must own a tiller which is going to run you about $400 on the cheap end unless you find a deal at a garage sale or Bookoo. Then you have add the costs of soil amendments and fertilizers when and if needed. Of course you have to fight the insects. That is another expense in both time and money. By the time you factor together all of the costs involved in a traditional garden you realize you are eating $10 tomatoes.

So why do I find this Garden Tower 2 to be more cost effective? I have a total of about $500 invested in my garden this year. This amount includes the cost of the Garden Tower 2 (which is a one time expense), the soil (also a one time expense if you are composting), and the plants (the only constant expense). The Garden Tower 2 should last for years and years if used continuously. By the way, why did I not mention insect problems in regards to using the Garden Tower 2? Its simple, the plants do not make contact with the ground which is where the majority of the pest insects come from. Insects are mostly not a problem. So far with mine there has not been a problem with the insects. If that changes, I will let you know.

I will be adding more Garden Tower 2’s to my gardening projects. I intend on experimenting with different types of plants as well. Plants like bush beans, pole beans, corn, and even vine plants like cucumbers and melons. I will share my findings about these plants and how they do in the Garden Tower 2 with you.

Thats all for now. CLICK HERE for more information on how you can get your hands on this product!

Gardening Simplified (Garden Tower 2)

Hello gang! I know it has been a long time since I’ve posted anything, but hey, life gets busy sometimes and we have to prioritize. Big Daddy Bigz is back though! Lets get right to it.

I want to share with you something that my amazing wife bought for my birthday. It is something I have been wanting to get for a couple of years now but haven’t because I really didn’t have the time to mess with anything else. Well she decided for me that it was time to get started growing some of our own fruits, vegetables, and herbs. She ordered it without my knowledge and presented it to me on my birthday a few days ago. Ya’ll look, I have watched so many videos on this Garden Tower 2 over the past several months that as soon as I laid eyes on that hexagon box I knew exactly what it was and could not wait to get it set up.

Now, I,m not gonna bore you with an unpacking and assembly video. It just seems redundant and a waste of our time to do so since there are already numerous videos out there that show you how to take it out of the box and put it together. You don’t need me to do that for you AGAIN, so let’s move along.

First of all let me tell you my plan. This article is the first of a series of articles about my experience with the Garden Tower 2 space saving planter. These articles may be either written or video articles. I am an Amazon Affiliate. There may be links in this series of articles that will take you directly to the product on Amazon’s website. I may receive a fee from Amazon if you purchase the product from them. If this is the case it will not effect your purchase price. Also, I will be very grateful to you for purchasing the item by way of my affiliate links. So, THANK YOU in advance.

As previously stated this will be a series of articles on the Garden Tower 2 and my experience with it. I will be posting pictures and videos on the progress every week or two. My purpose in doing this is to help you establish whether or not the Garden Tower 2 is a good fit for your gardening needs. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comment section. I will answer them as thoroughly and quickly as I can. Also, be sure to subscribe or check back often for updates.

So what exactly is a Garden Tower 2? Glad you asked! It is quite frankly the best thought out way for anyone with limited space, physical handicaps, or someone who just wants a better way to grow food. It looks very much like a 55 gallon drum with holes in its side for planting vegetables. Now get this, even though it is only the size of a 55 gallon drum, it has a 50 plant capacity! That is about the size of a small backyard garden.

My favorite feature is the way this thing composts your kitchen scraps and turns them into plant food. There is a perforated tube running down  the center of the Garden Tower 2 from top to bottom. This is where your buffet for red wiggler composting worms. In this tube you throw your kitchen scraps, coffee grounds, grass clippings, leaves, or any other organic non-protein type material, the worms will feast on it then travel through the perforations into the plant root area where they will deposit their castings (worm poop if you will) and add some of the most valuable nutrients to your plants. These castings not only add nutrients but also help your garden soil hold moisture longer therefore feeding your plants more steadily.  The longer you feed your worms, the healthier you garden becomes. Amazing!

Another great feature is the little drawer at the bottom of the Garden Tower 2. This little drawer catches all of the excess water that passes through your garden. This allows you to catch all of the nutrients that would otherwise be lost. Everyday or two you can pull the drawer out, dump the nutrient dense water (called compost tea) back into the top of the Garden Tower 2 and let it feed your plants again. Is this not an incredible feature!? I mean really, try that in a traditional garden!

One more feature I need to tell you about is the fact that this thing is built on an axle just like a bicycle wheel. What this means is you can stand or sit in one spot and plant or harvest  without having to walk around you garden. This is huge for those who may have a physical limitation which may require them to sit while gardening.

Now on to my set up. I think my favorite part is that I didn’t need a tiller, a shovel, a hoe, nor a rake. Just a pocket knife to open the 4 bags of potting soil to fill the tower. Once the tower was filled and drenched with water I started planting. The following is what I planted:

3 bush tomatoes in the top

6 kohlrabi

6 red cabbage

6 romaine lettuce

6 bell pepper

6 swiss chard

4 strawberries

9 onions

And here is the finished product:

If you would like to see pricing or just get additional info click here.


Discover Audio Books! Get 1 Free Audio Book **NO RISK NO STRINGS**

Hello friends and neighbors, Big Daddy Bigz here, I hope you are all doing very well. Things have been quite busy in my world and I have put this blog on hold. DID YOU MISS ME??? Well, I’m back! So lets get right to it.

Audio Books!!! That is correct, I want to talk to you about Audio Books. Let me first tell you something about myself. I HATE TO READ! Always have, and I guess I always will, but I LOVE BEING READ TO. I can remember as a kid in elementary school listening intently to my teacher read to us school kids, and I always listened and absorbed every word she would read. I absolutely loved hearing stories read. But, tell me to put my face in the book and start reading the words myself….well…I can do it, and quite well I might add, but ask me to tell you what I’ve read and I just might respond by simply saying, “words”. That is because I am often so focused on reading the words that I don’t follow what they are actually saying. In other words, I have a very low reading comprehension. I actually read fairly well, I just don’t retain much of it, therefore it has always seemed to be a waste of my time. Nonetheless I love to learn.

My second problem (and one I know that many can relate to) is AADD or Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. Let me just say that I don’t exactly suffer from this disorder, on the contrary I quite enjoy it, except that it really gets in the way of reading as well. You see, when I am able to break through the comprehension wall I am then at the mercy of a wandering mind. Its like I can read the words yet at the same time be a million miles away in my thoughts. That is kind of a problem when it comes to reading. Can you relate?

All is not lost. At least not for me, as I have discovered that reading by way of listening to audio books my comprehension has skyrocketed. Its truly amazing to me how much I am now able to retain by simply listening to books rather than trying to read them. And yes, this is really only a recent discovery for me as I have always been told (mostly by book lovers who snub their noses at audio books) that listening to audio books is not the same as reading them, and you will not get as much out of them. To this I say HOGWASH! Take that garbage someplace else book-snob lol. Learning is not reserved only for the reader, but also for the listener.

Check this out, writer Olga Kazan writes in one of her blog posts about a study done in 1985 that listening comprehension is and reading comprehension are close correlation to one another. You can read about it in her post titled “Is Listening To Audio Books Really The Same As Reading?”

I will be writing more on this subject in the coming days either here or on my other website (a Torah observant fellowship I facilitate in my home). But until then, let me just help you to get your feet wet in listening to audio books. It will cost you nothing for your first audio book. Thats write, NOTHING! Just click here and you will be brought to Amazon’s audio book section where you will be able to browse their selection of audio books. Let me just add that Amazon boasts the largest audio book library in the entire world. I am certain you will find something there for your enjoyment.

Let me just briefly tell you how it works. You get your first book absolutely free, and it is yours to keep forever. After your one free book you can purchase more books at their regular price. This is an awesome deal because the audio books are very reasonably priced (on average they are 30% cheaper than if you buy them anywhere else) and if you become a monthly subscriber (a mere $14.95 a month) you will receive a credit that can be used to purchase any audio book of your choice. To me that by itself justifies the monthly membership fee, because everyone reads at least one book a month, right? LoL, well…no, not really. At least I didn’t before I found Amazon’s . But now, we who are not so great at reading can be a part of the reading elite! Readers are leaders, and so are listeners.

So let’s do this. Click on the link above and get started with your one free book, yours to keep for all time, and completely risk-free. I love it, and I believe you will too.

Thanks for reading. Talk to you later. Yehovah bless and keep you. His face shine upon you!

Wanna Lose Weight? Eat More Butter! SERIOUSLY!!

EAT MORE BUTTER!!! Yeah, you don’t hear that from weight loss guru’s. Well, I’m here to tell you that eating more butter is exactly what I have learned to do, and it WORKS!!!

Now hang on…don’t run out just yet and start floating your biscuits in butter thinking that is what I’m talking about, because it is not. There is a method to the insanity. Yes I eat a ton of butter. I eat it every time I sit down to eat a meal. And I eat LOTS OF IT! I’m not going to tell you hear how this method is working for me. What I am going to do is first of all show you my results since April 20th of this year, and then I’m gonna show you how you too can learn how eating butter can turn on your built-in fat burning furnace.  To put it plain and simple, if you want to burn fat, then feed your body fat and starve it of sugar. Thats only the basics though. Check out my results so far below, then read on to learn how you can start your built-in fat burning furnace.

25.5 inch neck on 4-20-17  (above)


23.75 inch neck on 8-9-17 (above)


58.75 inch chest 4-20-17(above)


57.75 inch chest 8-9-17 (above)



60 inch waist on 4-20-17  (above)


58 inch waist on 8-9-17 (above)


I have also lost 32 pounds so far. Yes, I know that these are not earth shattering numbers, BUT….I have done this without taking stimulants, vitamins, potions, meal replacement shakes, eating salads, counting calories, exercising, or any of the other traditional stuff that is usually associated with “dieting”.

Let me tell you what I have done. I eat as much as I want, when I want. I even get to enjoy the kinds of foods I like to eat. And my blood pressure was 122/84 when I checked it yesterday. I’m here to tell you that this plan WORKS! It is so easy! I FEEL GREAT!!! Want to learn how to do it? Follow the link to Amazon and order Keto Clarity: Your Definitive Guide to the Benefits of a Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet. If you prefer listening to the audiobook, an Audible Membership is really the way to go. Get 1 book a month for you $14.99 monthly membership, and other books throughout the remainder of the month at Audible Membership discounted prices. It is a great deal that I take advantage of myself. Try it out!


Numbers 6:24-26World English Bible (WEB)
24 ‘Yahweh bless you, and keep you.
25     Yahweh make his face to shine on you,
    and be gracious to you.
26 Yahweh lift up his face toward you,
    and give you peace.’

Easy Cheap Homemade Goat (or sheep) Milker

I’m gonna keep this very short and to the point. If you are here you probably need a better way to milk your goats or sheep. So to keep this brief I’m gonna ask you to check out the video and also take a look at the list of items needed to construct the milker. If you need further assistance or have questions on how to operate it or put it together just leave a comment below.

Items needed:

  1. Mason Jar
  2. 1/4 inch tubing
  3. FoodSaver FSFRSH0051 FreshSaver Handheld Vacuum Sealing System, White
  4. Tru-Flate 21-143 1/4″ NPT Male Fitting x 3/8″ ID Hose Barb Type Fitting You’ll need 2 of these.
  5. J-B Weld 8265S Cold Weld Steel Reinforced Epoxy with Hardener, 2 oz
  6. Syringes Without Needle 12 ml ea.

I forgot to mention in the video that you will need to hot glue (or any epoxy glue) the tubing to the syringe or else you will be fighting to keep it in there.

And now just a sample of how it works:

I Lost 6 Pounds In Only 5 Days

Yep, it’s true! 6 Pounds in 5 days this past week. No lie, no kidding around! But, before I get into how, let me explain what has distracted me from my weight loss over the last few weeks.

If you’ve been following my weight loss journey you know that it’s been a little while since I have posted anything about my weight loss. The reason being is that when I stopped using the AdvoCare products and decided to do this by eating in such a way that has helped me shed fat FAST, I ended up taking a few days off of the diet because we were about to go on vacation. You know how hard it is to diet while vacationing! Well that was the plan anyway, but the night we left for our family vacation my 86 year old dad ended up in the hospital with a ruptured appendix. According to my sister he seemed fine, so we continued with our vacation for a couple of days.

Around the third day dad was not recovering so we decided to cut our vacation a few days short and began driving home. While enroute home I began having pains in my left lower abdomen. I ignored it as long as I could, but eventually I told my wife and kids that I needed to find a hospital. We found one, and low and behold I had kidney stones that were trying to vacate the premises. After a few hours in an out-of-state hospital (and some good IV painkillers) I got to ride the rest of the way home while my lovely wife drove.

Well we finally arrive home only to find out that dad is doing tremendously better. So much better that they decide to move him to rehab shortly after our return. So between a mini-vacation  and dad’s issues among so much other stuff going on in my life I decided until everything settled down before trying to start back up with my diet.

Well I finally got started this past Monday and determined in my heart and head that I was gonna stick to it. So I made it through week one. Now I want you to keep in mind that at this point in my weight loss journey I am only working my program Monday thru Friday. We have Sabbath Services in our home on Saturdays and everyone brings a covered dish. Yeah, I ain’t even trying to be good on Saturday. Then on Sunday is usually our Family Feast Day where my local clan all get together and cook and eat and visit. You guessed it, I ain’t even trying to be good on that day either.

So, Mon-Fri it is for me. At least for now anyway. I know that as I continue to lose weight I will probably come to a point in my journey where I will need to be more careful on the weekends as well. When that time comes (if it comes) I will do what is needed in order to get down to my goal weight.

You may be asking what my goal weight is, and if you are new to my website you may also be wondering how I plan on getting there. First off my goal weight at the moment is 250. I currently weight (as of my last weigh-in on Friday) 331 pounds. I started at 357 in May 2017. As for how I am doing it just keep reading.

Let me start by saying that I am a tow truck driver. I am not a nutritionist, nor am I a doctor. I am not qualified in any way to tell you that how I am losing weight is a good way for you to lose weight. I am not even saying that I know it is healthy. All the information I give you on my website is purely my experience and me sharing with you how it helps me, and how I feel through it all. If you decide to pursue this type of weight loss program, I HIGHLY suggest that you talk it over with a medical professional….do not just take the word of a tow truck driver. PLEASE!

Ok, now that all the preliminary stuff is out of the way let us move on. Here is what I am doing. It is basically a modified Adkins Diet. If you have never read it go ahead and get a copy of it HERE! If you have read it, then you pretty much know how it goes. Though he took much criticism for his approach to weight loss while he was alive, he is now revered as a pioneer in the much medical field as far as health and human nutrition are concerned. Many are now saying that his concept was groundbreaking and that he was WAY ahead of his time in terms of what it really means to eat healthy.

I am currently 49 years old. I have seen so many programs come and go in my life. I won’t even waste my time trying to name them. I’ve seen everything from low-fat/no-fat diets to counting calories, and even horribly extreme things like weighing your food/weighing your excrement or even purging. In some of the most extreme cases I have even heard of people purposely infecting themselves with tapeworms in order to lose weight. Are you grossed out yet?

Well don’t leave just yet because I am not going to suggest you try any of these! What I will share with you is for me, the easiest way that this fat man has ever lost weight. It is really simple. Here it is in a nutshell. I am following a low to no carb, high fat, moderate protein diet. That’s it! I eat as much as I want. I eat until I’m stuffed if that is what I want to do. And the weight falls off. The really fantastic thing about it is this, I never feel lethargic. I don’t get winded just walking to the mailbox. I’m seldom hungry, but when I do get hungry I am free to grab a snack whenever I want it, as long as it is low-no carbs. Now, there is way more info on eating this way. There is no way that a simple short blog post can do it justice. Here is what I want you to do. I want you to first of all subscribe to this blog so that you can get my weightloss updates, then I want you to order the book Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore. The information about this type of diet will blow your mind. Can you believe that doctors are now studying the effects of a high fat low carb diet on cancerous tumors. There is the possibility that it can be an extremely effective way to treat and cure many forms of cancer. Read the book to learn more about that. The medical industry has gone from criticizing the Adkins diet to actually studying it as a cure for many diseases. Diabetes, dementia, heart disease and much, much more.  A very close friend of mine has even been able to stop taking his diabetes medication after only a few weeks of being on this diet. So what the heck are you waiting for? Order the books and get started today.

I’ll be sharing with you what kinds of foods I am eating and how my weight loss is coming along, but I also want to hear from you. Leave a comment and tell everyone how you are doing with the diet. It will encourage myself and others. The feedback you get will help encourage you. Let’s go!!!! Let’s LIVE!!!

I’m gonna say goodbye for now, but I’ll be back soon with a new update and a bit of info on the foods I’m eating and maybe give you some snack ideas. Maybe even a few sweet treats that I’m discovering along the way. Until then remember that I love you, and God loves you.