Battered Men Make Better BBQ!

I had been contemplating whether or not to do any local business reviews on this page and had mostly decided not to do any local writing because I wanted to keep this page geared towards product and book reviews for Amazon and a handful of other national type businesses. Well, that all changed as of last Friday.

We were having friends over for lunch on Saturday and I thought I would stop by this new BBQ joint here in Leesville, LA and pick up a little yardbird for part of our meal. Now before I go any further I need to interject a little something for those of you who are following my Weight Loss Journey on this page; I need you guys to know that I take a cheat-day off of my diet every Saturday, so don’t stone me for what you are about to read.

Now that that is taken care of I’ll move on.

When I first pulled into the drive-thru (it is drive-thru only. No seating at this time), the all familiar smell of a wood-fired pit found its way into my car. I was not upset with that. I pulled up to the window to get my order (I called my order in prior to getting there) and Carla, the sweet lady working the window asked me to pull around back while they got my order ready. I had ordered two half chicken orders. One half chicken comes with 2 half chickens, so my order was actually the equivalent of 2 whole birds. It also came with sides, and we only asked for potato salad.

I had pulled around to the back of the building by the outdoor grilling area. I had to get out and take a peek at their setup. All I can say is it is a grillmaster’s dream! Not only the equipment, but the smells coming out of there were to die for. Rocky Gattis, the owner, saw me snooping around and came out to talk (really just to make sure I wasn’t hooking his Grill Trailer to my car). Both Rocky and the Carla lady are very pleasant people. But I wasn’t there for pleasantries, I came for the BBQ. I asked him for a sample of his BBQ sauce.

Before I tell you about the sauce, let me first explain that I am in no way an expert on BBQ Sauce, or much of anything else for that matter. BUT, I have had the opportunity to eat BBQ at some joints in towns who are famous for great BBQ. Chicago, Kansas City, Memphis, and all over Texas just to name a few. As a truck driver for 17 I used that time on the road to sample a whole bunch of BBQ. Still, I am no expert, but I do have a good point of reference on the subject.

Back to the sauce. Rocky has been training with and competing against some of the greatest grillmasters in the business. He has done well in many of the competitions he has participated in. I tell you that so that you will know he is not serving his customers Heinz or Sweet Baby Ray’s. But don’t ask him for the recipe. I’m afraid if he told you he may feel compelled to make sure you never repeated it to anyone…..EVER! Let me just say this about his champion BBQ sauce. Once it hit my tongue my first reaction was “wow thats sweet” and then almost instantly my tongue started tasting every other nuance Rocky has designed into it. I was like “HOLY COW! What is this???!!!” I was experiencing sweet, tangy, and spicy simultaneously. It was delicious. I honestly have never had a BBQ quite like his.

But then I swallowed it, and just when I thought the whole thing was over, something hit the taste buds in back forty. There was a smokey flavor afterkick. It was like, OHHHHH YEAHHH!

I hope Battered Men’s BBQ is around for many many years. I wish Rocky, Carla, and Carl (Grillmaster #2) all the best. I know that the good folks of Leesville, LA are gonna treat them right.

ps The tater salad was pretty good too!

**DISCLAIMER** This is not a paid recommendation or review of this business. This is my honest opinion of this establishment.

Weight Loss Update for Week Ending February 16

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Well it is the end of week 3 and things are going great! I know that those of you who do not know me personally may not understand how big of a deal that is. You see, for my entire life I have always had the kind of metabolism that would melt the weight right off of me if I just tried a little bit. I actually lost 30 pounds in a month about 5 years ago. Its is amazing to me how things can change so quickly. While I was still using the weight loss supplement that I was taking at the time I lost the 30 pounds in a month I suddenly quit losing weight for seemingly no reason. I could not lose one pound in a month. What happened? Though I’m not entirely certain, I think the thing that happened was that my 45 year old body decided to change. My metabolism slowed down.

I eventually gave up for a time. Kind of a long time. At least a few years. Then, as my weight started creeping back up I decided to try another weight loss supplement. Many people in my local area were having great success with this product. So, not knowing what was actually going on in my body, I took these products a few months and once again….no weight loss.

Again I gave up. I really had decided to give up forever. Not a good place to be. Less than two years after making that decision my weight climbed to 355 pounds. Thats right, at the age of 50 I weighed in at 355 pounds. So I started researching different options. This may be my last time of trying to get my health and weight under control. I am excited to say that I AM DOING THIS! I AM ACTUALLY LOSING WEIGHT!!! I found something I can do, and it is actually working for me. I needed to tell you the background so that you would understand why I am excited about the weight loss I have experienced for the last 3 weeks.

So, yesterday I turned 51 years old but 10 pounds lighter! YAY! Lol.

STASH Update Feb 11-15, 2019


Good Friday afternoon everybody! It is time for the weekend update. I know its not Sunday, but I actually had some time today to get this done.

So first lets take a look at my Monday stock purchases using my regular weekly transfer to my STASH account of $40:

  1. Take-two Interactive added $5
  2. Marathon Petroleum added $5
  3. ConocoPhillips added $5
  4. AT&T added $5
  5. Kraft Hienz added $5
  6. The Walt Disney Company added $5
  7. Sunoco added $5
  8. Ford added $5

Remember, all I am doing is investing in every company that STASH offers, and keeping the amount invested in each the same as each other investment. In other words in the beginning of this project I began purchasing only $5 of each stock and ETF STASH offers. I did this with my $40 per week deposit. It took some time to purchase all 200 companies, but I did. I actually used some extra money one week that I had taken from another savings account. Now, I am working on adding the next level of investment funds each week to my investments. I am bringing each investment up to $10. So all of the above companies listed are now at $10 each for their “amount invested” as it reads on the app.

Now, last Friday I had only a few investments that met my selling requirements. As mentioned before it takes two to three business days for the funds to settle up and be available for reinvesting. The investments listed below are the stocks I sold the previous Friday, and I rebuy them at the original amount I had invested in them. In other words if I had $5 invested, sold for $5.76, I am only investing the original $5 back into that particular stock. The leftover money is saved in my account until it accumulates to $5 with other sales at which point I invest it in the stock on my list that has the biggest loss AND that needs to be brought up to the current “amount invested” level. Here is the list of rebuys that I made on Tuesday:

  1. Snap $5
  2. Chipotle $5
  3. Expedia $5
  4. Diageo $5

With those four sales and their profits I ended up with an extra $5 left over. I went to my portfolio and found my stock with the biggest losses that had not yet been brought up to the $10 level yet. Royal Caribbean Cruises was sitting there with only $5 in it, so it got $5 of EARNED MONEY added to it, leaving it at $10 “amount invested”. Just to kinda show you how this is working, Royal Caribbean Cruises (ticker symbol RCL) is up 1.6% since Monday. That means that my investment is also starting to come up.

I know for some readers who have been investing for years this may seem very simplistic. You’re right, it is. I am not doing this for seasoned investors. I am doing this to help show people who have never invested just how simple it is, and that by following simple principles and trading rules that you can actually pile up tremendous wealth long term. You just have to get started.

And finally, here are the end-of-day screen shots of my portfolio for each day this week:

Well there you have it, up $28 for the week on a very small investment account, and without spending any time doing research on companies or watching charts all day. Sure, this is entry level stuff, but you do need to start somewhere. Join STASH and get your feet wet. Go ahead and get started, then you can build your investment account while you are learning the secrets of investing like the pro’s. Get started today and you get $5 just for joining!

My Review of The Starch Solution by Dr John McDougall

Seldom, if ever has a nutrition book kept my attention until the very end. Hats off to Dr John McDougall for accomplishing this feat.

Forget most of what you have been taught about health, nutrition, and losing weight. Granted this is not necessarily a stand alone weight loss book, but once you get the nutrition in order the weight loss will just come off naturally.

But weight loss is ONLY a side benefit. When overall health and longevity are your true goals then what is taught in this book becomes medicine, not a diet.

This book flies in the face of everything I personally have been taught about nutrition. I have been following the advice given in this book for the last few weeks(as of this writing), and have not felt this good in many many years. Already I have seen weight loss, more energy, restful sleep (this is huge as I have not slept good in a few years), not getting winded while working, and many other things physical things not to be discussed here.

If you are needing to learn how to feel good, possibly heal your body, shed unwanted weight, and learn how to, in the words of Hypocrates, “Let thy food be thy medicine”, then you need to get The Starch Solution.

I want to encourage you to get the information this book offers. So much so I have an offer for you so that you can get the book for free, and it is yours to keep FOREVER! Just click the banner below that says “get two free audiobooks”. The two free audiobooks are totally free and yours to keep. So there is no reason not to get your audiobook today!

Weigh-in for Feb 10

First let me say that I did not start this plant-based-diet for the specific purpose of losing weight, but I would be a fool to think that changing to this kind of diet would not impact my weight. Also, please don’t look at my results as far as weightloss goes and think that your results will be the same. I will be 51 years old in a few days. My metabolism has slowed way down. My body does not react to diets the way that it did once upon a time. Did I mention that I am not sticking to the plan on Saturdays. At least not at this time. Saturday will be a cheat day. So keep these things in mind please.

Here are my second week results. I am down a total of 7 pounds. I need to let you know that I never pay any attention to the number to the right of the decimal on my scale. I figure at 350 pounds that number is really irrelevant lol.

If you would like more info on the eating program I am following check out the following link:

Books by Dr John McDougall

Weekly STASH Update For Feb 10

Hey! Have you downloaded STASH yet??? Why not!? STASH is your best bet as a beginning investor to learn the ins and outs of investing in the stock market.

So here is this week’s update. The week started off good but the overall market got sluggish the last few days of the this week. Did you see what SNAP did? At one point this week I was up 30% with SNAP. That’s a great return, and much more than your bank pays in interest. Of course, that doesn’t happen every day, nor does it happen with every stock or ETF. But it does happen occasionally, and the more you diversify the more frequently that will happen in you portfolio. Full disclosure; the potential for the opposite to happen increases as well. All in all you can easily expect about a 15% increase each year in the stock market by simply putting your money into a good SPY index fund and letting in grow. However, if you actually create a trading plan, even using the one that I have implemented with my STASH portfolio, you can possibly expect much bigger returns. Keep in mind that no one (myself included) can predict what the market or individual stocks will do. Don’t believe me? Go check out the posts on StockTwits. Watch the constant flow of predictions going on there on an hourly basis. It is really crazy. By the way, I do not recommend that website for new investors. Heck, I don’t even recommend it to seasoned investors.

I Won’t be doing the video trades from here on. Instead I will be updating on Sundays with end-of-day screenshots of my portfolio as well as whatever dividends I received, Monday morning purchases, Tuesday purchases of the previous Friday’s sales, and current week’s end-of-week sales. I hope this will be an encouragement to all new investors. Please get started creating a future today. Join STASH!

A Recipe I Promised and a Seasoning Suggestion

Hello everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read this short update. The plant based diet I’m on is going great. I haven’t been on the scale this week, but I must say that I already feel so much better regardless if I have lost weight this week or not. I promised you a couple of weeks ago that I would share with you some ideas on how I’m eating now. I must first tell you that I have never been a big plant eater. Mainly because of some belief systems I have been taught about food. I really won’t go into that today, maybe a later update I’ll share some of the myths I believed to be fact. For now, I want to share with you a plant-based dish that I have been trying different things with over the last two weeks. It is something I really like, it is really easy to fix, and it is VERY healthy. In the picture below is the very dish I am referring to, and I slaved (WINK WINK) over a hot rice cooker all day. Actually, it only took 15 minutes of prep-time and then 2 seconds to turn on the rice cooker.

This was so dang good! Seasoned with Carmalete’s Seasoning. Order yours today at

So, what was in this soup/not soup thing I made? Well here’s is the list:

  1. One cup of brown rice
  2. Two large carrots chopped
  3. One purple onion diced
  4. Four celery stalks chopped
  5. One can of diced tomatoes
  6. Three potatoes chopped into half inch’ish squares
  7. Three garlic cloves
  8. Carmalete’s Seasoning
  9. About 6 cups of water. Put it all in the rice cooker and let her rip!

I change this up everytime I cook it. Sometimes I’ll add beans, or maybe Bok Choy, or who knows what. Also, I eat this often throughout the week.

I hope ya’ll enjoy. Let me know what you think if you try it. If you alter it in any let me know, I may want to try your version.

I love you and God loves you! Bye-bye