From Forklift Operator To Affiliate Success

Today I want to share with you just a part of this young man’s success story. His screen name is MDAY849 and you can read his full story by logging in to this website. You’ll need to create a free account to get access to the story, but it is well worth it.

MDAY849 was a forklift driver 2 years ago making $17 per hour working in a warehouse. And although that is a very decent living MDAY849 desired more for his family. He started working in his spare time going through the Wealthy Affiliate training and now, two years later, was able to earn $30,000 in a single month. Granted, this is not a typical month for him, but do you foresee any opportunity to have an off-month like that in the next two years? It’s not likely, but with Wealthy Affiliate you will certainly increase the odds of that happening for you.

So how exactly did he do it? Well, he attributes his success to the training you receive through Wealthy Affiliate, the easy access to information on the website, building content for your website, as well as furthering your marketing knowledge with other forms of training found throughout the internet. If you want to know more details about how he achieved this you will need to log on and message him. There is so much information out there on the subject of creating wealth online through affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate is hands down the best place to build your foundation, get the basics as well as much advanced information with them, then branch out.

Just think, if you start today and within 2 years you could be sharing your story with others about how you had your first $30,000 month. Maybe even more.

Get started today!

What Is Affiliate Marketing And Can I Make Money Doing It

Affiliate Marketing is an arrangement between an online retailer like Amazon and a website owner/blogger. The website owner/blogger promotes products and services provided by online retailer resulting in paying customers being directed to retailer, said customers making purchases on retailers website, and blogger being compensated for their efforts. Let’s see how this looks in a real life scenario.

I create a website very similar to this website, but instead of promoting Affiliate Marketing I choose to promote Amazon products and services. I begin writing reviews on my newly created website. One of the products or services that I have written about happens to be something that you are searching google for more information about. In your Google search you come across my website and my article about the product you are researching. While reading my article you click on one of the links I provided that directs you to the actual product listing on the Amazon website. By clicking on that link Amazon recognizes instantly that I was the one who directed you to their online store. Because of this, whatever you purchase on Amazon during that visit will result in me getting a commission based on your total purchases. This is done without effecting your purchase price. This is the basics of Affiliate Marketing. The really neat thing is, I can get paid for your future purchases as well depending on certain factors that are not necessary to discuss in this blog post. Just know that it is not only possible but also very likely that it could happen.

Now, let me tell you something that has actually happened to an acquaintance of mine in the Affiliate Marketing business. He had a customer that was directed to Amazon by one of his blogpost reviews of a product sold on Amazon. The customer was apparently furnishing their entire house through Amazon because they spent thousands of dollars over a few visits to Amazon. My acquaintance was compensated quite well for simply writing a short article about a single product that resulted in a much larger sale. Pretty cool huh!?

For a little more clarity on what CAN happen let me explain something to you. That same blogpost that he wrote is still on his website, still registers on Google search results, and is still driving traffic from his website to Amazon’s website, and this is 3 years down the road. Thats right, he wrote the article three years ago and it is still making money for him. He has also written hundreds, possibly thousands of article reviews on other products and services that Amazon provides. All of these articles generate income for him, even while he sleeps.

That’s it! Affiliate Marketing in its most basic form. And there are thousands of companies and opportunities online to participate in Affiliate Marketing. It is an opportunity that can never be saturated. Why? Because it is a truly global market with billions of potential customers. The only thing you need to do to start making an income with Affiliate Marketing is get started.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that there is no way you can make a living at Affiliate Marketing because you know nothing about building a website nor getting traffic to it. I know this is likely what you’re thinking because I honestly thought the same thing.

I knew nothing about building a website or getting people to read my articles and reviews. Yet within just a couple of hours of finding out about Affiliate Marketing I had this very website built and ready to start making money. And it didn’t cost me a dime to start. Wealthy Affiliate will unlock the secrets for you to making money online through Affiliate Marketing. The banner below will take you to the training site of Wealthy Affiliate. Click on it and get started today. I’ll be available to you for any help you need once you log in the first time.

How To Earn Income Online Without Investment

How many times have you heard “it takes money to make money”, or “you can’t get something for nothing.”?

Probably all your life, right?!

Well guess what! It ain’t true!! You can get something for nothing. You can actually start making money online without forking over a bunch of money. Heck, you can actually get started for free! That’s exactly how I started. FOR FREE! And if you’ll hang in there I will show you how to earn income online without investment. Are you ready? Let’s go!

First of all you need to understand that it is not entirely true that it won’t cost you anything at all. I mean, let’s be realistic. If you are reading this blogpost you have either bought a computer, tablet, or smartphone to be able to access the internet. Right? Well, that is considered an investment. But, that is really all you will need to get started, a computer or smartphone with access to the internet.

The next thing you will need is equally crucial. A platform to operate from in order to generate income from the internet. Now let me explain that the type of platform you will need can end up costing you thousands of dollars every month. Or it can cost you nothing. Which do you prefer? Probably nothing.

I know, I know….You’re likely thinking to yourself, “but aren’t you gonna get what you pay for with a free platform?” My answer to that is NO! With the platform I’m gonna refer you to, you will have more info and data than you can possibly conceive of right now. More about that later.

Let me just take a moment to explain to you what exactly I am talking about. There is a program called Wealthy Affiliate. Go ahead and click on the link so that it opens in another window, that way you will have it ready to go in just a minute. Now, Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that has everything you need for building a successful online business and generating longterm residual income. The really neat thing about it is you don’t even need a product to sell. You see, I’m not exactly talking about opening up an online store and selling trinkets and souvenirs. You can do that if you like, but I am talking about something that is even more fantastic than that!

You see, with Wealthy Affiliate there are two different training programs. In these programs you will learn step by step how to start your online business from beginning to end. They will actually take you from having nothing at all to start with to having a cash generating website and it doesn’t have to cost you a single penny. Why wouldn’t it cost you anything? Read on.

Now, I don’t want you to be misled. There are two ways to have a business with Wealthy Affiliate. One way is totally free, the other is gonna cost a little money. Very little money if you ask me, but we’ll discuss that in just a moment. Let me explain the free way first. It is really simple. You start a Wealthy Affiliate account by clicking here and creating account and then you begin going through the course of your choosing. The two offered are Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp. Online Entrepreneur Certification has 5 phases that you will go through with a total of 50 lessons all together. By the time you finish this certification course you will have learned everything you need to know to be a world class online business leader. You will know everything there is to know about what types of products make the best money, what companies to promote, or even how to build a profitable website that you can quickly sell to another entrepreneur looking to by something already producing income. One Wealthy Affiliate recently sold a website for $30,000 that he started building 9 months ago. This happens frequently and the stories are told on the Wealthy Affiliate platform everyday.

The other training program is the Affiliate Bootcamp. It includes 7 phases and 70 lessons. This is somewhat different from the Online Entrepreneur Certification in that it is specific to promoting Wealthy Affiliate and everything directly associated with them. You will get much of the same training as the OEC training, but you also get a proven system that the founders of WA have spent the past 15 years perfecting that will increase your probability of profitability. Don’t misunderstand me, either course you decide to take will lead to profits. I personally have tried both programs and honestly prefer Affiliate Bootcamp. You compare the two once you have created your free account and then decide for yourself.

Back to the details about doing this for free. Besides, that’s why you are here isn’t it?! You can absolutely do Wealthy Affiliate for free, go through 10 of the lessons in either course for free. Now don’t get freaked out by that and think that I’ve tricked you into thinking this was free and now I’m telling you that it is only partially free. I want you to understand that by the time you go through 10 of the lessons, follow the directions exactly as the lessons say to do, and don’t drag your feet in getting this done (in other words get this training done in the first few days of joining), then you should already be seeing financial gains in your online business. Or at least you will be seeing results coming in that will soon turn into profits. Once you are making profits enough to go premium then go premium. This could double your commissions depending on which program you have chosen. And if your business is making as much money as you are spending, then in my mind it is FREE!

So what are you waiting for? There is no time to waste! Your future is calling!! Click HERE to get started!


If You Knew You Couldn’t Fail What Would Your Goals Be With Your Home-based Business?

Take a few minutes to really think about that question. If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would your goals be?

Most people never take the time to even consider what could happen in their life if they just had goals, much less thinking of them in such a way as to make it impossible to fail at achieving them. Just imagine having the same goals now as you had when you were young but without the possibility of failure. Can you even fathom that?

For most adults it is impossible to think that way unless some outside force triggers that desire inside of them. That is exactly what I am trying to do. I am trying to be that trigger. Can you take a short mental trip with me? I want to show you what can be possible in your life after you make a few mental changes and learn what you can do with a program like Wealthy Affiliate. Before we look at the possibilities, lets take a look at the realities of your life today.

I’m gonna have to make some pretty big assumptions about how your life looks today because I don’t know you, but I’m going to make the attempt and you can correct me if I am wrong. Okay?

I believe that there is a pretty broad picture of what life looks like in the United States today, and probably not much different in your part of the world. You likely get up in the morning to the sound of an alarm clock because you have to get up before your body is ready to get up. The reason for this is that your body is not fully rested yet. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Next, you probably are rushed to get ready for the day because you need to leave your home to drive through traffic to get to a job you don’t like with people you merely tolerate and a boss who doesn’t appreciate you only to make a check that is robbed by the government and is barley enough to pay your bills with what is left over which causes you angst. Then at the end of the day you get to go home tired and defeated, spend a few hours with your spouse and kids if you don’t have more job-related work to tend to before you go to bed so you can start the process all over again tomorrow. DOES THIS SOUND LIKE YOUR LIFE?

If so, do you want things to change for the better? Do you want more out of life than what you are getting? Do you need more time with your family? Are you willing to put forth just a little effort for a few weeks or months in order to start seeing positive changes? Changes that could greatly impact your whole life-dynamic for the better?

If your answer is yes, then stay with me. I want to now show you what your life could look like in just a few short months.

  1. You wake up naturally. (that means without an alarm clock).
  2. You take the time to read while waiting for you coffee to brew. (that means there is peace in your home)
  3. You get dressed for the day at whatever time you choose to get dressed. (that means you have income enough from your website that you no longer have a boss other than you)
  4. You spend your day with the people you love and cherish. (that means your whole life has changed because you have taken control of your future with Wealthy Affiliate)

Okay so why are you not checking out Wealthy Affiliate University? What is holding you back from the lifestyle that is completely possible? Sure, it takes a little time and effort. So what? Everything worthwhile that you have ever done has taken time and effort. Click the link below, go through the training that they offer. The first 10 lessons are absolutely free and by then you’ll know if they hold any value for you. Heck, by the time you get to lesson 10 you will likely be making money anyway, or at least well on your way to your first sale. The surest way to fail is to never get started. Do it now!


Make Honest Income Online…Here’s How!

Did you know that there are more and more people trying to find ways to make extra money from home using the internet? You probably wouldn’t be reading this article if you weren’t one of them. Heck, I wouldn’t be typing this article if at on time I was not one of them. That’s the whole reason I’m here. I was trying to find a way that I could make an honest living from home using my computer and internet connection. I know, it sounds to good to be true, right?! Well, you may want to check out Pauric’s story i
n the video below, and then visit his website when you have a chance at .

You have knowledge in a field that only a few people in the world have, and that is true whether you are a doctor, mechanic, truck driver, lawyer, or even if you are unemployed. You have a specific skill set that sets you apart from everyone else. You have training in a field or special expertise that maybe few others have. Who knows what it may be. It doesn’t really matter what it is, I promise you someone is looking for knowledge in that certain area. With Wealthy Affiliate University you can learn how to take your raw knowledge and convert it into a cash generating website.

That maybe hard to imagine now, but give it just a few weeks and I believe with all my heart that if you will just trust the system that Wealthy Affiliate has put into place you will see how easy it is to go from the place you are right now to actually starting to have a working website with visitors coming to it which will quickly convert into cash in your bank account.

Let me give you some examples of the kinds of people I have met on Wealthy Affiliate and what kind of websites they are generating wealth with:

  1. weight loss
  2. auto mechanics
  3. medical advice
  4. lawn service and advice
  5. housekeeping
  6. personal advice
  7. spiritual help and advice
  8. making money at home
  9. making money online
  10. investment talk
  11. medical product reviews
  12. weight loss product reviews
  13. real estate investment advice
  14. travel blogs
  15. social media audience building (yes, thats a thing)
  16. youtube vlogging
  17. youtube advertising
  18. sports techniques
  19. piano lessons
  20. guitar lessons
  21. dog walking
  22. pet grooming
  23. farming
  24. gardening for profit
  25. growing microgreens for profit
  26. hydroponics for profits
  27. entrepreneurship
  28. college debt
  29. free tuition
  30. HVAC
  31. tire repair business
  32. sewing
  33. juicing
  34. google adsense
  35. growing algae (no, I’m not kidding)

This is the short list. There are hundreds of thousands of websites out there for each one of these topics, and guess what….there is room for more and yes you can earn big money despite the fact that someone else is doing it. The internet is HUGE! All you have to do is create content for your website. Not all at one either. This is something you build over time. It doesn’t happen overnight, but you can start seeing results almost immediately.

Quit putting it off. Start today by clicking the banner below and start taking the free Affiliate Bootcamp classes for FREE!!

How To Earn A Living From Home #6

If I could show you a way to earn an extra $100 per month from your kitchen table only working about 15 minutes a week, would you want to know how it is done?

How about an extra $500 per month working only a little while longer?

Or how about this…How about doing just sitting at your computer a few hours a week for just a few months and complete eclipsing your income with your newly learned skills?

Understand that the numbers I have given you are not guarantees by any means, and I can’t promise you it will happen for you. Here is what I do know, I very well can happen and has for everyone who has followed a very simple and plainly laid out course of instructions, actually done what the instructions tell you to do, stayed consistent with doing those things, and never ever quit doing them. That is the only recipe to success with what I am about to explain to you.

Are you ready???

Let’s GO!

I do what is called AFFILIATE MARKETING. Affiliate marketing is simply writing content on a website about a particular product, service, company, entity, or any number of things. People throughout the world may be looking for information on the particular thing that you are writing about. They do a Google search, find a bunch of websites (including the one you write content on) and start going through the information. Upon going through your articles they decide to buy whatever product or service you are promoting. They then click on a link that has information embedded into it that tells the company you are writing for that you were the responsible who referred this new customer. When that happens, you get paid. Here’s the really cool thing about that, you can get paid many times and for many weeks, months, or even years depending on what you are promoting. That’s not all, the whole thing is done automatically. You just start getting money deposited into your account. Oh yeah, here is another cool thing about it, the article you just got paid for may be one that you wrote 2 or 3 years ago. You see, once you put it out there it keeps working for you year after year unless you delete it. THAT IS AWESOME!! True residual income. Read on for what skills are required.

The only skill you need to start doing affiliate marketing from home is a basic ability to read and write. Notice I didn’t say you need a GREAT ability to read and write, just a basic ability. If you have that then you can excel with the program I am introducing you to, because honestly that is all you need. Everything else will be taught to you, in detail, once you decide to get the ball rolling.

I write content promoting the Wealthy Affiliate program and Wealthy Affiliate University. Many if not a majority of the content writers trained by Wealthy Affiliate University write exclusively about Wealthy Affiliate and their training. Why? Because Wealthy Affiliate has one of the best payout plans in ALL affiliate marketing on the web. They pay approximately 50% on all referrals you make. There is a portal on the WA (Wealthy Affiliate) website that shows you exactly how much you will make based on how many referrals you make. All you need to do is register for free by “clicking here“. Once you are registered you can logon to the website and find this income calculator by looking towards the top right-hand portion of the page and you will see a circle with a dollar sign. Click on that and a drop-down menu will appear. The first option in that menu is “program details”. Click on that. This page has a ton of good and important info. The most important info on this page is the Affiliate Bootcamp Courses. More about that in a later post, but for now I want you to scroll past that section down to where it says “How Much Can You Earn?” In the boxes in the left column start playing around with some numbers. It will blow you away!

Okay, when you are done playing with the calculator there is one thing you really need to do before logging off. Read and watch Lesson 1 by clicking on the black box labeled “BOOTCAMP COURSE #1 Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp – Getting Your Business Rolling”. I want you to see just how simplified the learning process is as well as how well structured they made it.

If you have any questions at all you will be able to message me directly on the WA website. God Bless!