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First of all let me say thank you for taking the time to come to my website and at least check things out. Please, before you leave leave a comment or question. At least say “hi”.

Now on to business! You came here looking for info on the best way to make money online, right? Well I have found that there is a short answer to this, but the explanation to the answer may be somewhat lengthy. The short answer is Affiliate Marketing, and the explanation of just what Affiliate Marketing is all about is explained in this short  VIDEO I recently posted. Once you have read that article, please come back here for the rest of the story.

Now that you have an understanding of what affiliate marketing is and how simple it can be let’s take a look at what it takes to make it work for you. It can actually be summed up in one word….”consistency”.  This may seem to be an over simplification, but in reality that is the only thing that stands between you and creating an income that could very quickly eclipse that of your current job and or business. Just be consistent.

Consistency in affiliate marketing works for one reason. Google craves new content. Google bots are programmed to find new content and are constantly searching for new content. Once they find a source for consistent new content to bring back to their “mothership” they will create a trail of cyber-breadcrumbs back to your site and check it frequently for new content. Its very similar to someone who is addicted to drugs, once they find a good supplier of the thing they crave the most they will always know how to find that supplier. When this happens with Google it effects everything pertaining to your website (you business) in a very positive way.

One thing that this activity does as it pertains to Google, is it will help to improve your website ranking in the search returns. In other words, because I try to be consistent in adding new content to my website (though I am not nearly as consistent as I’d like to be because of other obligations) if someone were to search for “best way to make money online” this blog post will come up around page 77 as of the release date of the posting. Open another tab on your browser and search for best way to make money online and see where it comes up now. You may have to flip through a few pages, or by now it may be on the first page because I am consistent in posting new content. 

Because I am consistent in posting new content, the thing Google likes best, I will be rewarded for my efforts by getting a better ranking for my entire website. This means that all of my postings will benefit from this and they all will perform better in the search engines. Since each of my blog posts have some sort of affiliate link written into them in one fashion or another my overall income is also enhanced. Talk about a win-win situation! Google gets new, fresh, and free content, and I get better rankings and more income as a result.

So here is what it all comes down to; you need a website. Even a free website will be sufficient. There is a link at the bottom of this page where you can start a free website right now. Go ahead and do it, get you spot secured, and get started writing. After you get your free website through that link, I’ll get a notification that you’ve gotten started on that and I’ll be sending you a message to kinda guide you in the right direction.

Look, it does not matter right now that you don’t know what to do. I didn’t either when I got started. It is simple. Let me help. Your content can literally be about anything. And I do mean anything. I’ve seen people right about everything from ancestry to zippers. People write about their hobbies, their families, their pets, beekeeping, hunting, seashells, coin collecting, making money, shopping, and all sorts of crazy and not-so-crazy stuff. JUST GET STARTED AND STAY CONSISTENT!

Do it right now. Sign up for your free website and free training below.

Hey, this is Big Daddy Bigz…I love you and God loves you!

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