My Review of The Starch Solution by Dr John McDougall

Seldom, if ever has a nutrition book kept my attention until the very end. Hats off to Dr John McDougall for accomplishing this feat.

Forget most of what you have been taught about health, nutrition, and losing weight. Granted this is not necessarily a stand alone weight loss book, but once you get the nutrition in order the weight loss will just come off naturally.

But weight loss is ONLY a side benefit. When overall health and longevity are your true goals then what is taught in this book becomes medicine, not a diet.

This book flies in the face of everything I personally have been taught about nutrition. I have been following the advice given in this book for the last few weeks(as of this writing), and have not felt this good in many many years. Already I have seen weight loss, more energy, restful sleep (this is huge as I have not slept good in a few years), not getting winded while working, and many other things physical things not to be discussed here.

If you are needing to learn how to feel good, possibly heal your body, shed unwanted weight, and learn how to, in the words of Hypocrates, “Let thy food be thy medicine”, then you need to get The Starch Solution.

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