Easy Online Income

Big Daddy Bigz here, and I want to talk to you about a real way that hundreds of thousands (if not millions) are making full-time income online. Before I start though, I’d like for you to sit back and just think for a few minutes with your eyes closed about what you would do with an extra $500-$1000 per month. No really! Take a break from reading and do this for just a couple of minutes.

Now….did you do it? Some of you did I know, but some of you feel so desperate to make the extra money right now that you haven’t taken the time to do it, and that is ok too. I know how you feel. I’ve been there, got the t-shirt, and its not a great place to be. I won’t bore you with that story today though, so lets move on.

It is vitally important to know why you need to start working on a second income, because if you don’t know why then you likely won’t stick to it long enough to actually make any money. So, I really want you to take some time either now or later to figure out your reasons. Write them down in a journal, or better yet, write them on a piece of paper and tape them to your bathroom mirror where you will see them early in the morning and before you lay down at night. This will help keep you going when you get discouraged. Oh yes, discouragement is coming, I can assure of that.

So, now that we have some goals written down lets talk about what you can start doing today to generate income online. You will never have to bug your friends, convince your neighbors and family to buy something from you, and you won’t even have to chase down anyone to collect from them. Sound like a good deal? Sound to good to be true? Well, its not! People have been making money online since about five minutes after the internet was invented by Al Gore (just kidding). Over the next few minutes I’m gonna bring you through the steps of making this work for you. It has worked for literally millions of others, and it is about to start coming together for you too.

Number 1. You need to understand that what you are reading right now is called a blog post. It is a creation straight from the thoughts and ideas created in my mind. I’m really just writing a few facts down that I’m familiar with in order to convey an idea to you. This is the most difficult part of making money online. Really! That’s the hardest part. If you can communicate, you can earn a living online, and you don’t even have to be extremely articulate to do it. I leave my participles dangling all the time and folks still understand what I’m saying enough to read my blog posts and KEEP COMING BACK LOL! Everything I’m writing(and you’re reading) is called content. That’s what you need. Content! If you have content the internet will build your audience for you over time. Your content will be whatever your interests in life are, things you’ve learned, places you’ve been, foods you like, or almost anything imaginable. Once you have this “content” (or as we like to say in the business “your niche”) you will need to establish ways to capitalize on it. I will help you with this later. It is so unbelievably easy it’ll blow your mind. You may be thinking, “OK Big Daddy, I have content, but I don’t have a website. I also have no idea how to build a website. How can I get my “content” to the internet?” I’m glad you asked….That, my friend is Number 2.

Number 2. You need to get your content to the internet. In order to do that you will need a website. I know….don’t freak out. It is really not a big deal. If you can log on to the internet (and I know you can or else you wouldn’t be reading this right now) I have a friend that has put together a training program that is completely free, and it will teach you step by step how to set up your website. It is so detailed, if you have any experience with setting up websites you will be tempted to fast forward some of the video training. Stick with it though, because there is quite a bit of fresh info. You may even want to refer back to the videos from time to time as they are often updated. Here is the link to get started with the training. After clicking that link you will be brought to the website where the training is located. Go ahead and sign up with a free account, then come back here.

Number 3. Get all the free training that you can. The training in this program is really incredible. After joining I began to research other courses on the subject only to find out that many of them were charging thousands of dollars to give you only a sampling of what the Wealthy Affiliate program offers for free. Not only that, with Wealthy Affiliate you have a huge community available 24 hours a day to answer your questions. **NOTE not all perks in Wealthy Affiliate are free. All are free for your first week, but after that some things are only available with an upgrade. But this will not prevent you from earning significant income.

Number 4. Become an affiliate marketer. Let me explain what this is and how it works. Lets use Amazon.com as an example. Most people have heard of or have bought something from Amazon.com, right? Well, I actually will get paid for sending people to them when they shop. Click here to see the craziest thing Amazon sells. Did you click it? Go on….Click it lol. Can you believe that its even legal to sell that stuff, much less ship it through the US Mail??? Ok, let me show you what just happened. What I did, although my tactics were sneaky, I got you to click on my Affiliate Link with Amazon. What that means is, if you were to buy something from Amazon after following that link I would get a commission. Lets just say you decided not to buy the product above (and really who wants something radioactive in their home), but you did search for a new television, found one you liked, and bought it. Guess what?! I still get a commission from that purchase. Even if you don’t buy anything today, but you come back to Amazon 3 weeks later on the same device and purchase something, I GET THE COMMISSION. Up to 60 days later I will get a commission on everything you buy as long as you have not clicked on anyone elses affiliate link. This is why getting folks to come bake to your website is so important, or at least have plenty of new traffic coming to your site all the time. This is why you need a steady flow of content. 

Ok, thats all for this post. I don’t want you to think that Amazon is the only Affiliate Program out there. There are thousands. Wal-mart is another. Almost every big name company (even some small ones) have affiliate programs. You can have a Niche in a broad range of ideas, or you can narrow it down to anything from pet grooming supplies, mountain climbing gear, or even goat milking equipment.

Check out Wealthy Affiliate. Get started on the training courses because that is where you will learn to build a great website and how to get traffic to it. Check out the banner below for more details, or better yet, just click it and get started!

Make Money Online With Your Passion

Hello folks, BigDaddyBigz here, and I want to share this opportunity with you. Before I do I need to tell you just a little bit about myself.

#1…..I’m no internet guru. Not at all. I’m a tow truck driver. I own a very small 2 man towing operation. Proof of this is at www.bradystowing.com. Yep, that’s me. I work from home, I have an 10×15 office in my front yard and two 20+year old tow trucks. It’s a tough way to make a living, especially with old equipment and living in a very rural area.

#2….I also pastor a tiny church in my home.

I really enjoy the work I do, but….I’m approaching 50 and would really like to start slowing down a bit. I have been intrigued with making money from the Internet for years, but never did more than look at a few things and wish that I could do it. Wishing never gets you the results you want, but “doing” is 100% the right thing to do in order to start getting results. So….I have decided today that I’m going to start DOING stuff to get where I’m wanting to go, and I’m inviting you to watch (and/or join me) on this journey.

My goal is to start earning a full time income over the next year using a proven system that is completely free to learn and implement. I must add that there are upgrades that are available that cost extra and can help to increase your profitability faster, but it is not a requirement to spend any money in order to become profitable with this opportunity.

This opportunity I’m talking about is not mlm (multi-level-marketing), nor is it any form of direct sales. It is pure and simply sharing your passion online, and making money doing it. So, what rocks your world? What tickles your fancy? What gives you joy and happiness? THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE GONNA MAKE YOUR BUSINESS!

Dont take my word for it, check it out for yourself here.

Dont forget to come back everyday as I’ll be sharing with you my results, new insights, and tips as I learn them along the way. Keep in mind, I’m not a pro. So if I sound like a simple everyday Joe, well, I am.

Y’all have a great day, and leave a comment below please!!