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Hello friends and neighbors, Big Daddy Bigz here, I hope you are all doing very well. Things have been quite busy in my world and I have put this blog on hold. DID YOU MISS ME??? Well, I’m back! So lets get right to it.

Audio Books!!! That is correct, I want to talk to you about Audio Books. Let me first tell you something about myself. I HATE TO READ! Always have, and I guess I always will, but I LOVE BEING READ TO. I can remember as a kid in elementary school listening intently to my teacher read to us school kids, and I always listened and absorbed every word she would read. I absolutely loved hearing stories read. But, tell me to put my face in the book and start reading the words myself….well…I can do it, and quite well I might add, but ask me to tell you what I’ve read and I just might respond by simply saying, “words”. That is because I am often so focused on reading the words that I don’t follow what they are actually saying. In other words, I have a very low reading comprehension. I actually read fairly well, I just don’t retain much of it, therefore it has always seemed to be a waste of my time. Nonetheless I love to learn.

My second problem (and one I know that many can relate to) is AADD or Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. Let me just say that I don’t exactly suffer from this disorder, on the contrary I quite enjoy it, except that it really gets in the way of reading as well. You see, when I am able to break through the comprehension wall I am then at the mercy of a wandering mind. Its like I can read the words yet at the same time be a million miles away in my thoughts. That is kind of a problem when it comes to reading. Can you relate?

All is not lost. At least not for me, as I have discovered that reading by way of listening to audio books my comprehension has skyrocketed. Its truly amazing to me how much I am now able to retain by simply listening to books rather than trying to read them. And yes, this is really only a recent discovery for me as I have always been told (mostly by book lovers who snub their noses at audio books) that listening to audio books is not the same as reading them, and you will not get as much out of them. To this I say HOGWASH! Take that garbage someplace else book-snob lol. Learning is not reserved only for the reader, but also for the listener.

Check this out, writer Olga Kazan writes in one of her blog posts about a study done in 1985 that listening comprehension is and reading comprehension are close correlation to one another. You can read about it in her post titled “Is Listening To Audio Books Really The Same As Reading?”

I will be writing more on this subject in the coming days either here or on my other website (a Torah observant fellowship I facilitate in my home). But until then, let me just help you to get your feet wet in listening to audio books. It will cost you nothing for your first audio book. Thats write, NOTHING! Just click here and you will be brought to Amazon’s audio book section where you will be able to browse their selection of audio books. Let me just add that Amazon boasts the largest audio book library in the entire world. I am certain you will find something there for your enjoyment.

Let me just briefly tell you how it works. You get your first book absolutely free, and it is yours to keep forever. After your one free book you can purchase more books at their regular price. This is an awesome deal because the audio books are very reasonably priced (on average they are 30% cheaper than if you buy them anywhere else) and if you become a monthly subscriber (a mere $14.95 a month) you will receive a credit that can be used to purchase any audio book of your choice. To me that by itself justifies the monthly membership fee, because everyone reads at least one book a month, right? LoL, well…no, not really. At least I didn’t before I found Amazon’s . But now, we who are not so great at reading can be a part of the reading elite! Readers are leaders, and so are listeners.

So let’s do this. Click on the link above and get started with your one free book, yours to keep for all time, and completely risk-free. I love it, and I believe you will too.

Thanks for reading. Talk to you later. Yehovah bless and keep you. His face shine upon you!

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