How To Earn A Living From Home #6

If I could show you a way to earn an extra $100 per month from your kitchen table only working about 15 minutes a week, would you want to know how it is done?

How about an extra $500 per month working only a little while longer?

Or how about this…How about doing just sitting at your computer a few hours a week for just a few months and complete eclipsing your income with your newly learned skills?

Understand that the numbers I have given you are not guarantees by any means, and I can’t promise you it will happen for you. Here is what I do know, I very well can happen and has for everyone who has followed a very simple and plainly laid out course of instructions, actually done what the instructions tell you to do, stayed consistent with doing those things, and never ever quit doing them. That is the only recipe to success with what I am about to explain to you.

Are you ready???

Let’s GO!

I do what is called AFFILIATE MARKETING. Affiliate marketing is simply writing content on a website about a particular product, service, company, entity, or any number of things. People throughout the world may be looking for information on the particular thing that you are writing about. They do a Google search, find a bunch of websites (including the one you write content on) and start going through the information. Upon going through your articles they decide to buy whatever product or service you are promoting. They then click on a link that has information embedded into it that tells the company you are writing for that you were the responsible who referred this new customer. When that happens, you get paid. Here’s the really cool thing about that, you can get paid many times and for many weeks, months, or even years depending on what you are promoting. That’s not all, the whole thing is done automatically. You just start getting money deposited into your account. Oh yeah, here is another cool thing about it, the article you just got paid for may be one that you wrote 2 or 3 years ago. You see, once you put it out there it keeps working for you year after year unless you delete it. THAT IS AWESOME!! True residual income. Read on for what skills are required.

The only skill you need to start doing affiliate marketing from home is a basic ability to read and write. Notice I didn’t say you need a GREAT ability to read and write, just a basic ability. If you have that then you can excel with the program I am introducing you to, because honestly that is all you need. Everything else will be taught to you, in detail, once you decide to get the ball rolling.

I write content promoting the Wealthy Affiliate program and Wealthy Affiliate University. Many if not a majority of the content writers trained by Wealthy Affiliate University write exclusively about Wealthy Affiliate and their training. Why? Because Wealthy Affiliate has one of the best payout plans in ALL affiliate marketing on the web. They pay approximately 50% on all referrals you make. There is a portal on the WA (Wealthy Affiliate) website that shows you exactly how much you will make based on how many referrals you make. All you need to do is register for free by “clicking here“. Once you are registered you can logon to the website and find this income calculator by looking towards the top right-hand portion of the page and you will see a circle with a dollar sign. Click on that and a drop-down menu will appear. The first option in that menu is “program details”. Click on that. This page has a ton of good and important info. The most important info on this page is the Affiliate Bootcamp Courses. More about that in a later post, but for now I want you to scroll past that section down to where it says “How Much Can You Earn?” In the boxes in the left column start playing around with some numbers. It will blow you away!

Okay, when you are done playing with the calculator there is one thing you really need to do before logging off. Read and watch Lesson 1 by clicking on the black box labeled “BOOTCAMP COURSE #1 Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp – Getting Your Business Rolling”. I want you to see just how simplified the learning process is as well as how well structured they made it.

If you have any questions at all you will be able to message me directly on the WA website. God Bless!


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