I Lost 6 Pounds In Only 5 Days

Yep, it’s true! 6 Pounds in 5 days this past week. No lie, no kidding around! But, before I get into how, let me explain what has distracted me from my weight loss over the last few weeks.

If you’ve been following my weight loss journey you know that it’s been a little while since I have posted anything about my weight loss. The reason being is that when I stopped using the AdvoCare products and decided to do this by eating in such a way that has helped me shed fat FAST, I ended up taking a few days off of the diet because we were about to go on vacation. You know how hard it is to diet while vacationing! Well that was the plan anyway, but the night we left for our family vacation my 86 year old dad ended up in the hospital with a ruptured appendix. According to my sister he seemed fine, so we continued with our vacation for a couple of days.

Around the third day dad was not recovering so we decided to cut our vacation a few days short and began driving home. While enroute home I began having pains in my left lower abdomen. I ignored it as long as I could, but eventually I told my wife and kids that I needed to find a hospital. We found one, and low and behold I had kidney stones that were trying to vacate the premises. After a few hours in an out-of-state hospital (and some good IV painkillers) I got to ride the rest of the way home while my lovely wife drove.

Well we finally arrive home only to find out that dad is doing tremendously better. So much better that they decide to move him to rehab shortly after our return. So between a mini-vacation  and dad’s issues among so much other stuff going on in my life I decided until everything settled down before trying to start back up with my diet.

Well I finally got started this past Monday and determined in my heart and head that I was gonna stick to it. So I made it through week one. Now I want you to keep in mind that at this point in my weight loss journey I am only working my program Monday thru Friday. We have Sabbath Services in our home on Saturdays and everyone brings a covered dish. Yeah, I ain’t even trying to be good on Saturday. Then on Sunday is usually our Family Feast Day where my local clan all get together and cook and eat and visit. You guessed it, I ain’t even trying to be good on that day either.

So, Mon-Fri it is for me. At least for now anyway. I know that as I continue to lose weight I will probably come to a point in my journey where I will need to be more careful on the weekends as well. When that time comes (if it comes) I will do what is needed in order to get down to my goal weight.

You may be asking what my goal weight is, and if you are new to my website you may also be wondering how I plan on getting there. First off my goal weight at the moment is 250. I currently weight (as of my last weigh-in on Friday) 331 pounds. I started at 357 in May 2017. As for how I am doing it just keep reading.

Let me start by saying that I am a tow truck driver. I am not a nutritionist, nor am I a doctor. I am not qualified in any way to tell you that how I am losing weight is a good way for you to lose weight. I am not even saying that I know it is healthy. All the information I give you on my website is purely my experience and me sharing with you how it helps me, and how I feel through it all. If you decide to pursue this type of weight loss program, I HIGHLY suggest that you talk it over with a medical professional….do not just take the word of a tow truck driver. PLEASE!

Ok, now that all the preliminary stuff is out of the way let us move on. Here is what I am doing. It is basically a modified Adkins Diet. If you have never read it go ahead and get a copy of it HERE! If you have read it, then you pretty much know how it goes. Though he took much criticism for his approach to weight loss while he was alive, he is now revered as a pioneer in the much medical field as far as health and human nutrition are concerned. Many are now saying that his concept was groundbreaking and that he was WAY ahead of his time in terms of what it really means to eat healthy.

I am currently 49 years old. I have seen so many programs come and go in my life. I won’t even waste my time trying to name them. I’ve seen everything from low-fat/no-fat diets to counting calories, and even horribly extreme things like weighing your food/weighing your excrement or even purging. In some of the most extreme cases I have even heard of people purposely infecting themselves with tapeworms in order to lose weight. Are you grossed out yet?

Well don’t leave just yet because I am not going to suggest you try any of these! What I will share with you is for me, the easiest way that this fat man has ever lost weight. It is really simple. Here it is in a nutshell. I am following a low to no carb, high fat, moderate protein diet. That’s it! I eat as much as I want. I eat until I’m stuffed if that is what I want to do. And the weight falls off. The really fantastic thing about it is this, I never feel lethargic. I don’t get winded just walking to the mailbox. I’m seldom hungry, but when I do get hungry I am free to grab a snack whenever I want it, as long as it is low-no carbs. Now, there is way more info on eating this way. There is no way that a simple short blog post can do it justice. Here is what I want you to do. I want you to first of all subscribe to this blog so that you can get my weightloss updates, then I want you to order the book Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore. The information about this type of diet will blow your mind. Can you believe that doctors are now studying the effects of a high fat low carb diet on cancerous tumors. There is the possibility that it can be an extremely effective way to treat and cure many forms of cancer. Read the book to learn more about that. The medical industry has gone from criticizing the Adkins diet to actually studying it as a cure for many diseases. Diabetes, dementia, heart disease and much, much more.  A very close friend of mine has even been able to stop taking his diabetes medication after only a few weeks of being on this diet. So what the heck are you waiting for? Order the books and get started today.

I’ll be sharing with you what kinds of foods I am eating and how my weight loss is coming along, but I also want to hear from you. Leave a comment and tell everyone how you are doing with the diet. It will encourage myself and others. The feedback you get will help encourage you. Let’s go!!!! Let’s LIVE!!!

I’m gonna say goodbye for now, but I’ll be back soon with a new update and a bit of info on the foods I’m eating and maybe give you some snack ideas. Maybe even a few sweet treats that I’m discovering along the way. Until then remember that I love you, and God loves you.

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