I Really Want To Lose Weight!


LOOK! 18 pounds gone forever this month!!!


That is exactly how I felt a month ago…and, it is h

ow I still feel. I have had a GREAT first month while using the AdvoCare products. I am very pleased with my results thus far. I really can’t find any downside to using these products. I mean really, if you struggle with weight loss and with keeping it off like I do and have in the past, then you really must try these products. They are literally designed to get your body chemistry in working order so that you will start processing the things you ingest the way God intended for your body to process them.

So, how much exactly did I end up losing in my first

month? Well, exactly 18 pounds. It should have been more, but I cheated….every weekend….A LOT! Lol. But Monday thru Friday evening I was dedicated to using the products, allowing them to work, and keeping very mindful of what I should eat. Advocare made it very easy to do this. Why? Because when your body chemistry is correct you lose nearly all sugar and carb cravings. Sugar and carbs are my biggest problem. I am addicted to sugar like an an addicts on pills. This stuff has literally taken most of those cravings away. Do I still eat sweets? Yes I do, but it is rare (only on weekends), and when I do I don’t feel the urge to go back for second and overdo things.

Ask yourself this question. “Do I really want to lose weight an

d get my body chemistry corrected so that it will not seem like a struggle and a chore to do so?” What was your answer? If it was yes then I’m gonna ask you to let me be your coach. Let’s you and me join together and win this fight. Let me cheer you on, congratulate your successes and encourage you when you fall. I will be your partner. I’m getting it done. I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT IT TOO! If you are ready to get started CLICK RIGHT HERE!

And if your answer was NO, not yet. Then please, just keep coming back here and let me give you tips and encouragement on how to get things right mentally so that you can get started. By the way, watch the video here because there is a bit of a secret to weight loss that I talk about. See if you agree. Leave a comment, or ask a question please. And thanks for stopping by!

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  1. It is a really amazing that you have lost so much weight. Losing the first few pounds is always difficult since you tend to get back to your normal diet and things mess up.
    It is really great that you could lose weight despite all such potential problems. I myself I’m looking to lose those few inches from around my waist and I just fail to do so every time.

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