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Get paid back for your everyday purchases. Everyday products with everyday prices and up to a 55% reward!
It only takes is 30 seconds to create an account. And yes, it’s free.
Thousands of customers attract thousands of brands that want to
PAY US for buying their products.  
Shop the Brands you already buy. Tell your FAMILY and FRIENDS.

Real Wealthy Affiliate Review

Well here we go! My Real Wealthy Affiliate Review.

As you can see by the amount of postings I have made so far, I’m not the greatest affiliate marketer on the planet. Not by a long shot. Heck, this is my 4th blog post in nearly a month! To be totally honest, I have not yet made one referral to Wealthy Affiliate so far. Its all good though. I have been diving into the training program up to this point, and been learning my way through the “university”.

About that….In the past I have been a part of some rather large direct sales businesses that had some fairly decent training programs. Many of those programs cost me thousands of dollars annually. Wealthy Affiliate  is the only system I have ever been a part of where the training program is absolutely free! But thats not even the best part. The Wealthy Affiliate training program is literally like a university. FOR REAL! There are hours of in-depth training on the WA website and it is at no cost to you. You can literally get started today building a very large part time income for FREE! No out of pocket expense whatsoever!

I know what some of you may be thinking. You’re thinking, “well, I don’t know squat about making money online, or building stellar websites, or anything at all about making something like affiliate marketing work. Heck, I don’t even know what affiliate marketing is, how can I expect to make any money at it???”

Stop IT! I felt the same way at first, but what I have seen with the people involved with Wealthy Affiliate, I can see that there is no way your shortcomings will keep you from making money online with Wealthy Affiliate unless you let them keep you from asking for help.

You see, they have this section on there that is called “live chat” where you can talk to other marketers around the world 24 hours a day and get them to help you with whatever question may have you stumped. Right before I started typing this post I jumped on there with a question and in less than 30 seconds I had received 2 answers from other WA marketers. WOW!! Talk about helpful! Not only that, but you will have access to hundreds, if not thousands of people who are rockin and rollin with Wealthy Affiliate, making buckets of money online from their couch, all willing to help you succeed. And hey, I’m no guru, I’m not even making money yet, but I have gone through much of the training, and asked a ton of questions, so yeah, I may be able to help you as well. If nothing else, the person who referred me to Wealthy Affiliate and is making a fulltime income with Wealthy Affiliate is no more than an email away. I go to him frequently with messages and he always responds.

Oh yeah, about the fact that I’ve not made any referrals, nor any money yet. I have been active with Wealthy Affiliate for almost a month, but I haven’t really been active. I have been extremely busy in my primary business working and getting taxes together. I simply have not had time, but you know what the good news is? I don’t have anyone telling me “BOY, you gotta do some Wealthy Affiliate stuff today or you’re fired!” Nope, that’ll never happen here. I will be completely honest with you if you will keep checking back from time to time. I’ll be announcing each and every new referral I make right here on this blog. Don’t believe me? Try me! Click here to sign up as a free member and start on your path to financial freedom, then come back here in acouple of days and see if I don’t announce you as my first referral.

Check it out! Sign up today even if you can’t get started working on you future right away. Get your spot reserved!

God Bless!

100 Real Ways To Make Money Online

Are there 100 real ways to make money online? We’ll get into that in just a minute, but right now just think of it these terms. First of all, ask yourself this question:

Do I believe I can make just $10 per day online if someone shows me how step by step?

What is your answer? Mine was YES, I do believe that if someone shows me step by step how I can make real money online then I believe I can make at least $10 per day.  If your answer is YES also then imagine this, that you can repeat that same process over and over and over again many times a day. So if you can repeat the process 5 times a day that is an extra $50 per day. Yeah I know, thats not exactly a full-time income for most folks, but hey, we’re only talking about doing this EXTREMELY part-time.

Lets go a step further with it. How about that same process 10 times a day? Does an extra $100 a day sound more like something worth doing part-time? Keep in mind that the education for doing this process is completely free yet very in depth. All of the necessary tools are there and absolutely free.

So whats the catch? Well, it is very simple….it will take effort on your part. It will take persistence, patience, and desire. That’s it!

So what is it that I’m talking about?


With Wealthy Affiliate there are 100 REAL WAYS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE. There are actually MANY MANY more. The opportunities are actually limitless. Don’t believe me?! Click the banner above, sign up, and start going through the training. I’ll send you a message through their online community welcoming you aboard and I’ll be right there to help you along the way.

Good Luck and God Bless, and leave a comment below please!


Make Money Online With Your Passion

Hello folks, BigDaddyBigz here, and I want to share this opportunity with you. Before I do I need to tell you just a little bit about myself.

#1…..I’m no internet guru. Not at all. I’m a tow truck driver. I own a very small 2 man towing operation. Proof of this is at Yep, that’s me. I work from home, I have an 10×15 office in my front yard and two 20+year old tow trucks. It’s a tough way to make a living, especially with old equipment and living in a very rural area.

#2….I also pastor a tiny church in my home.

I really enjoy the work I do, but….I’m approaching 50 and would really like to start slowing down a bit. I have been intrigued with making money from the Internet for years, but never did more than look at a few things and wish that I could do it. Wishing never gets you the results you want, but “doing” is 100% the right thing to do in order to start getting results. So….I have decided today that I’m going to start DOING stuff to get where I’m wanting to go, and I’m inviting you to watch (and/or join me) on this journey.

My goal is to start earning a full time income over the next year using a proven system that is completely free to learn and implement. I must add that there are upgrades that are available that cost extra and can help to increase your profitability faster, but it is not a requirement to spend any money in order to become profitable with this opportunity.

This opportunity I’m talking about is not mlm (multi-level-marketing), nor is it any form of direct sales. It is pure and simply sharing your passion online, and making money doing it. So, what rocks your world? What tickles your fancy? What gives you joy and happiness? THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE GONNA MAKE YOUR BUSINESS!

Dont take my word for it, check it out for yourself here.

Dont forget to come back everyday as I’ll be sharing with you my results, new insights, and tips as I learn them along the way. Keep in mind, I’m not a pro. So if I sound like a simple everyday Joe, well, I am.

Y’all have a great day, and leave a comment below please!!