Where Do I Go From Here? The Next Phase Of My Weight Loss

Back around 2005 to 2006 I had reached a new high in my weight. I had gone to the doctor for an unrelated issue, and as usual the office staff took my vital signs before sending me to an examination to wait for the Doctor to come in and see me. My blood pressure was a perfect 120/70 and it normally is even to this day. My temp was fine. My respirations were normal. My weight was…..well…it wasn’t that great for someone 35 years old and 6ft 1inch tall. I had hit a new high in my weight. I was now at a whopping 335 lbs.

I knew that my pants had been starting to fit a little more snug to the point I was needing to go up one size, but I had no idea it was this bad. You see, just a couple of months before this I had weighed on that same scale and I was only 312. How did my weight climb so quickly??? Well, I never found the answer to this question. My Doctor came in checked me out. Listened to what was going on at the time. Told me what to do to fix it, then began to scold me about my weight. I shrugged it off, but when I got home and told my wife about my weight gain she began telling me about this diet.

Long story short it all sounded great to me. So much so that I began to wonder if it would really work. Why? Because everything about it sounded like something I could do. It was simple. Not a lot of extra stuff for us to buy, and it was something that I could fit into my job at the time. I was a truck driver in those days and I did quite a bit of sitting as well as eating a ton of junk food from the truck stops. Normally my food intake came from a hotbox in a gas station with the occasional burger and fries from the Golden Arches. Are you kinda getting a mental picture of why I was so big?

So, we purchased this book that she had heard about and she began telling me how it all worked. Now to say it was all easy would be a lie, BUT it was the easiest thing I had ever done to lose weight. I started making the changes to my diet that I needed to make. At first it was really just a matter of changing a few habits that were indicative to my work environment, but these habits really would not be too hard to change if I had a normal job at home like most folks have. Being on the road for weeks at a time makes for some difficulty in eating habits, but I did manage to make the changes. The only other hurdle for me was learning what types of foods I could eat from gas station shelves if and when I were in a situation where I needed to just find something to get me by until I could stop somewhere and buy real groceries. Once these challenges were me it was all downhill from there.

It was not long before I started losing weight. Honestly it was just a couple of days before I began to feel different. There were things going on in my body need not be discussed here, but yeah, strange things happening. Good things I later realized, but strange nonetheless.

Now I don’t really remember how much weight I lost the first week, month or any other time frame, but what I do remember is how much I lost in the 5 months I was doing this diet. In five months time I went from 330 pounds to somewhere in the 250’s. Sorry I don’t recall the exact number.


When I first started this diet there was an initial phase, a program of eating certain types of foods that got your body working for you and kickstarted your weight loss. Well let me tell you, it did just that! I literally thought that when I was sweating that my body was sweating pure fat. I know it wasn’t, but I just couldn’t figure out how I was losing so  much weight if that wasn’t what was happening.

After a few weeks of that you were supposed to go on to another phase of the diet that was more for maintaining your weight. I wasn’t at all interested in going to that phase after just a few weeks, so I opted to stay on phase 1 for awhile longer.

Somewhere around 280 pounds and probably about 3 months into the plan I decided to go to the maintenance phase. To my surprise I continued to lose weight. I couldn’t believe I was losing this much weight at the rate I was still losing. You see, on the maintenance side of this plan you get to add back some things that you had done away with in the beginning. It had become “easier” to lose the weight because I could have certain foods again. No counting calories, no weighing food, no taking handfuls of supplements everyday. Just simple eating. THAT’S IT!

So, why did I quit if it was such a great way to lose weight? You’re gonna think I’m crazy, and you just might be correct. After a couple of months of eating the way I was completely comfortable with, I began to think that there must be something wrong with me. Seriously, I thought I was sick, because there was no way that I should be losing weight this fast eating the way I’m eating. In my mind it just wasn’t possible. So instead of going to the Doctor to get things checked out, I did the more sensible thing(sarcasm). I went right back to my old ways of eating….and…never…looked…..back.

What a fool I was to do this. Was it something I really wanted to do deep down? Maybe, but I don’t think so. As crazy as it sounds, I felt I was actually eating in such a way that I could make it a lifestyle. But I sabotaged myself. It was as if I was afraid to lose any more weight. I blew it! All that weight came back in just a few months. In the years following I gained back more. If you have been following my progress on this weightloss blog, you know that my weight got up to nearly 360 pounds recently. Well, I’m back down into the 330’s thanks to using Advocare, but from this point on I am returning to a healthy lifestyle I found years ago.

What is this “healthy lifestyle” I’m talking about? It has nothing to do with prescription drugs, support groups, meetings, fistfuls of supplements, magic pills, potions, elixirs, or any other nonsense that only covers the symptoms and doesn’t address the problem. There is only one way to truly deal with obesity, and that is to eat the way God designed your body to eat. Anything less than a healthy lifestyle is not going to be a lasting fix. YOU MUST CHANGE for your body to change. That is the only thing that will be permanent!

Before I tell you how I was able to lose so much weight so fast by only changing a couple of things in my diet, let me explain something to you. I am in no way promoting a single product. I will share with you this book, but there is so much more to it than what the book covers. There is a ton of new information on the subject matter of the book. Honestly, the author of the book was actually a pioneer of something that has gone from being criticized by the medical field to being researched by many in the medical field and by our own government. Yeah, it’s that big of a deal now. If you want to order a copy of the book that can transform your body CLICK HERE! It is time to revisit what the good Doctor prescribed.

I will be changing the content of this blog somewhat. The weight loss journey portion of Product Review Dude will be more focused on information about using this technique for healthy eating and weight loss. Tips, recipes, and ways to defeat certain cravings. It is my goal to not only get my health under control, but to be part of your inspiration along your journey. I wish you good health.

And as always, God loves you, and so do I. See you next time!


My Final Word On AdvoCare

AdvoCare Logo

Hello everyone! Yes, I know….It’s been awhile since I last posted anything. My apologies, but I have had many challenges recently, and quite frankly this blog comes in fourth place behind my family, ministry, and business. Now that that is out of the way let us continue on to my final word on AdvoCare.

This is a review website. It is my intention to give you my complete and honest opinion of any and all products and services that I use. Please remember that my opinions are just that…MY OPINIONS. They do not necessarily reflect what your opinion would be in the same situation. It is all a matter of personal taste, goals, and what your needs are at the time. My goal with AdvoCare was to find out if what everyone around me was saying about the product was true. I have many friends on facebook who seem to have had tremendous results with the product. My experience with most products sold through Direct Sales is that YES…..they work…YES…there is a compensation plan….and YES this effects the price. BUT there is always a system in place to balance the expense. AdvoCare is no different. If you choose to start using their products, please, by all means get in touch with the person whom you are purchasing your products through and get them to get you plugged into their team so that you can benefit from all of the coaching that is offered. It is free to participate in the local coaching networks and support teams. There is no reason for a person to fail in their weightloss OR in the income opportunity if they will only get active.

Now, since my goal was not to generate an income with AdvoCare, I cannot comment much on that part of it, at least not from a personal standpoint. I have however,  seen many of my local friends and acquaintances who tell me about how much AdvoCare has changed their life financially just by losing a little weight. Do I believe it even though I have not experienced it? Yes I do. I believe it because I have seen it many times in the past with other products. You truly can get paid to lose weight, with AdvoCare, Shaklee, Amway, or even with starting a blog site like this one. It is all referral based marketing, and many people that do it become very wealthy. There are only three requirements if you want to be healthy and wealthy. Start off fat, pick a program, and get busy.

Now lets talk about the product.

COST-As mentioned before, the expense is only a slight problem. Let’s face it, unhealthy is cheap and easy, but healthy takes money and effort. Just keep in mind that the expense of the products will be offset after you make a few referrals. You will make referrals if you just lose some weight and tell people about your success. So in reality, the expense is only a problem if you do not plan on using the product as a vehicle to create a second stream of income as well as lose weight.

DOES IT WORK- I used the products without really plugging into the local support team, and I didn’t ask many questions….BUT, I did manage to lose 25 pounds in two months without really trying very hard, and without feeling hungry. I simply read the plan that comes with the 24-day-challenge and BOOM, the weight vanished. I think it was 19 pounds my first month. As a side note I need to mention that I was only working the plan Monday thru Friday. On the weekends I still did what I wanted to do as far as eating goes and was still able to lose the weight just by taking the products during the week days. I said that to say this, if you will use the products as directed and follow the schedule every day(unlike me), think of the results you will have.

PRODUCT LINE-Incredibly extensive product line. They have it ALL! Just click here to check out the incredible webstore! If they don’t have it, you don’t need it LOL!

That’s pretty much it. If you have any questions about AdvoCare that I didn’t cover please feel free to ask me in the comments section below. Myself or someone on the local team will answer you.

In my next post coming up, I’ll be sharing with you the future of my weightloss and why I needed to change. God loves you, and so do I!

Stay tuned!

Best Way To Make Money Online

First of all let me say thank you for taking the time to come to my website and at least check things out. Please, before you leave leave a comment or question. At least say “hi”.

Now on to business! You came here looking for info on the best way to make money online, right? Well I have found that there is a short answer to this, but the explanation to the answer may be somewhat lengthy. The short answer is Affiliate Marketing, and the explanation of just what Affiliate Marketing is all about is explained in this short  VIDEO I recently posted. Once you have read that article, please come back here for the rest of the story.

Now that you have an understanding of what affiliate marketing is and how simple it can be let’s take a look at what it takes to make it work for you. It can actually be summed up in one word….”consistency”.  This may seem to be an over simplification, but in reality that is the only thing that stands between you and creating an income that could very quickly eclipse that of your current job and or business. Just be consistent.

Consistency in affiliate marketing works for one reason. Google craves new content. Google bots are programmed to find new content and are constantly searching for new content. Once they find a source for consistent new content to bring back to their “mothership” they will create a trail of cyber-breadcrumbs back to your site and check it frequently for new content. Its very similar to someone who is addicted to drugs, once they find a good supplier of the thing they crave the most they will always know how to find that supplier. When this happens with Google it effects everything pertaining to your website (you business) in a very positive way.

One thing that this activity does as it pertains to Google, is it will help to improve your website ranking in the search returns. In other words, because I try to be consistent in adding new content to my website (though I am not nearly as consistent as I’d like to be because of other obligations) if someone were to search for “best way to make money online” this blog post will come up around page 77 as of the release date of the posting. Open another tab on your browser and search for best way to make money online and see where it comes up now. You may have to flip through a few pages, or by now it may be on the first page because I am consistent in posting new content. 

Because I am consistent in posting new content, the thing Google likes best, I will be rewarded for my efforts by getting a better ranking for my entire website. This means that all of my postings will benefit from this and they all will perform better in the search engines. Since each of my blog posts have some sort of affiliate link written into them in one fashion or another my overall income is also enhanced. Talk about a win-win situation! Google gets new, fresh, and free content, and I get better rankings and more income as a result.

So here is what it all comes down to; you need a website. Even a free website will be sufficient. There is a link at the bottom of this page where you can start a free website right now. Go ahead and do it, get you spot secured, and get started writing. After you get your free website through that link, I’ll get a notification that you’ve gotten started on that and I’ll be sending you a message to kinda guide you in the right direction.

Look, it does not matter right now that you don’t know what to do. I didn’t either when I got started. It is simple. Let me help. Your content can literally be about anything. And I do mean anything. I’ve seen people right about everything from ancestry to zippers. People write about their hobbies, their families, their pets, beekeeping, hunting, seashells, coin collecting, making money, shopping, and all sorts of crazy and not-so-crazy stuff. JUST GET STARTED AND STAY CONSISTENT!

Do it right now. Sign up for your free website and free training below.

Hey, this is Big Daddy Bigz…I love you and God loves you!

The Easiest Way To Make Money Online Today

I hate doing a web search for information on a certain subject, finding the top article about that subject and then having to read 1500 words into their blog post before the writer actually gets to the point of the matter in which I was searching for! Is that bothersome to you too???

You found this page because you are searching for the easiest way to make money online today and that is exactly what you are gonna get here. No filler or fluff, just facts!

Lets begin…(if you want to skip the facts and get started at no cost *CLICK HERE*)

Fact number 1. There are only a handful of ways to make money easily and ethically online today.

Fact number 2. Everyone who wants to make money online can make money online. Not everyone will.

Fact number 3. The key ingredient is only one thing. CONSISTENCY!

Fact number 4. A full time income is just months, maybe only weeks away. No, really. Weeks away, and I can introduce you to many real people who have done that very thing.

Fact number 5. You do not need to invest millions, thousands, or even hundreds of dollars to make hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars online.

If you will go to this website and get registered here is a sampling of what you will get:

  1. Unsurpassed FREE training. There is no greater training anywhere than what this company offers. (Google charges thousands of $$$’s for the same training you will receive here for free)
  2. Access to THOUSANDS of people just like you who have gone through the training, applied it, and are now making full-time incomes with their own website.
  3. Free tools for getting your website ranked with search engines and cutting edge technology to help your site achieve top ranking in search results.
  4. A community of people worldwide who want help you learn and help you to grow your website by giving feedback, helping you get reviews, and much much more.

Don’t waste any more time. This is truly the easiest way to make money online today. It will be the easiest way to make money online for years to come too! LET’S DO THIS!!!

God loves you and Big Daddy Bigz loves you too!

I Really Want To Lose Weight!


LOOK! 18 pounds gone forever this month!!!


That is exactly how I felt a month ago…and, it is h

ow I still feel. I have had a GREAT first month while using the AdvoCare products. I am very pleased with my results thus far. I really can’t find any downside to using these products. I mean really, if you struggle with weight loss and with keeping it off like I do and have in the past, then you really must try these products. They are literally designed to get your body chemistry in working order so that you will start processing the things you ingest the way God intended for your body to process them.

So, how much exactly did I end up losing in my first

month? Well, exactly 18 pounds. It should have been more, but I cheated….every weekend….A LOT! Lol. But Monday thru Friday evening I was dedicated to using the products, allowing them to work, and keeping very mindful of what I should eat. Advocare made it very easy to do this. Why? Because when your body chemistry is correct you lose nearly all sugar and carb cravings. Sugar and carbs are my biggest problem. I am addicted to sugar like an an addicts on pills. This stuff has literally taken most of those cravings away. Do I still eat sweets? Yes I do, but it is rare (only on weekends), and when I do I don’t feel the urge to go back for second and overdo things.

Ask yourself this question. “Do I really want to lose weight an

d get my body chemistry corrected so that it will not seem like a struggle and a chore to do so?” What was your answer? If it was yes then I’m gonna ask you to let me be your coach. Let’s you and me join together and win this fight. Let me cheer you on, congratulate your successes and encourage you when you fall. I will be your partner. I’m getting it done. I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT IT TOO! If you are ready to get started CLICK RIGHT HERE!

And if your answer was NO, not yet. Then please, just keep coming back here and let me give you tips and encouragement on how to get things right mentally so that you can get started. By the way, watch the video here because there is a bit of a secret to weight loss that I talk about. See if you agree. Leave a comment, or ask a question please. And thanks for stopping by!

Is Prime Pantry A Good Value? – A side by side comparison to local shopping

Hello folks, this is Big Daddy Bigz, and I have decided to take on a project that will answer a question that i think most people are wanting answered, but just haven’t taken the time or just don’t have the time to do their own research. Well, that’s my job. I will be using Amazon Prime Pantry for my next few grocery type purchases, then driving to my usual local store (which will remain nameless) and then reporting back here to you on how it compared. Keep in mind that gas money is a factor in this process for me because I live 15 miles away from the nearest grocery store. The one I typically use is actually further at 18 miles from my home. Each of these upcoming blogs will be categorized under “PRIME PANTRY RESULTS” in the sidebar of this website, so you won’t have any trouble finding it.

First, let me explain to you what Prime Pantry is. Prime Pantry is a service of Amazon.com and the short description is this, you can buy many of the items that you purchase at your local grocery store or big box store. You will need to be and Amazon Prime Member in order to participate.  Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free TrialOnce you log onto the website you will be given a “virtual box” to place your items into. As you are browsing items you can see how much space they will take up in your box. For instance, a box of toothpaste may take less than 1% of your box, but a box of washing powder may take 26% of your box. Why does this matter? Well, each box that you use is going to cost you $5.99 for shipping. Don’t panic though because there is a trick to getting free shipping. As you shop, look at the top of you page and you’ll find this . Check that link for items that you need first, and once you qualify for free shipping then you proceed to browsing for your other items. If you think you will be filling multiple boxes then only put 5 items in each box from this section of the online store. We don’t want to be paying for shipping if we can help it, otherwise we might as well jump in the family roadster and head to town. One other thing you will want to keep an eye on will be how much room you have left in your box. you can do this by looking to the right of the page and it will show you what percentage of space is available. once it goes over 100% (even if only by a fraction) you get a second box. This second box is exactly like the first as it will cost you $5.99 unless you pick 5 qualifying items like you did in the first box. 

Is it a perfect system? NO….but it is very convenient, especially for those of us who live miles from the conveniences of the city. For us I foresee this as being a HUGE time-saver, and quite possibly a good money saver (keep reading to see my results).

At the bottom of this page I’m going to show how my first Amazon Prime Pantry shopping experienced compared to my local grocery store. Following are the types of items you can purchase through Amazon Prime Pantry:

Prime Pantry Food 6928 Items 

    Household and Pet 712 items
    • PETS
    • TOYS
      • SKIN CARE
      • HAIR CARE
      • MAKEUP
      • ORAL CARE

        Beverages 1533 Items

        • COFFEE
        • TEA
        • WATER
        • SOFT DRINKS
        • JUICES

         Wellness and Healthcare 560 Items

        • FIRST AID
        • WOMEN’S HEALTH
Ok, if you have browsed the links above you kinda get an idea of what you can find at Amazon Prime Pantry. Keep in mind that this is still a fairly new thing they are doing, and it is only going to get bigger, although I think it is fairly big already.
ANYWAY, as promised, here is the breakdown of my first Amazon Prime Pantry shopping comparison:
  1. Crisco Vegetable Oil 48 oz  Local Store $2.98  Amazon $2.79  Winner: Amazon
  2. Organic Honey 12 oz   Local Store $4.38  Amazon $5.19   Winner: Local Store
  3. Old Spice Men’s Deodorant 3oz  Local Store $3.97 Amazon $2.48 Winner: Amazon
  4. Suave Antiperspirant Deodorant 2.6ox  Local Store $2.94 Amazon $2.94 Tie
  5. Suave men’s Body Wash 15oz  Local Store $1.88  Amazon $2.00 Winner: Local Store
  6. Frosted Mini Wheats 24oz Local Store $3.68 Amazon $2.99 Winner: Amazon
  7. Colgate Total Twin Pack 6oz Local Store $4.96  Amazon $4.96 Tie
  8. Always Thin Liners 120 ct Local Store $15.72 Amazon $5.47 Winner: Amazon
  9. Folgers Classic Roast Coffee 30.5oz Local Store $8.47 Amazon $7.49 Winner: Amz
  10. Bounty Paper Towels 6ct Local Store $8.98 Amazon $8.99 Winner: Local Store
  11. Scott Toilet Paper 8 rolls Local Store $7.96 Amazon $7.76 Winner: Amazon
  12. Quaker Oatmeal Squares 14.5oz Local Store $2.75 Amazon $2.50 Winner: Amazon
  13. McCormick Black Pepper 6oz Local Store $6.48 Amazon $6.48 Tie
  14. Crisco Cooking Spray Non-stick 6oz Local Store $2.18 Amazon $2.18 Tie

Amazon Wins = 7

Local Store Wins = 3

Ties = 4

Totals – Local Store $77.36 + $7.00(gas)+$6.19(tax)=$90.55

Amazon Prime Pantry (with estimated tax.)             $68.82 

I truly was not expecting this! WOW! A total savings of $21.73 and I didn’t have to leave the house, I didn’t have to walk all over the store, and I didn’t have to wait in line. It took me maybe 45 minutes to purchase the items on Amazon Prime Pantry from start to finish. A trip to my local store takes 40 minutes of driving total, and 90+ minutes of walking around the store. My items will be here in two days MAX, and they’ll be dropped off at my front door!

So far, I’m one happy camper! Try it out!!

What AMAZON Just Did IS CRAZY!!!

Maybe you have already heard about this, but Amazon has entered the arena and has once again engaged the big “brick and mortar” stores in battle….and the customer wins.

Just a quick overview of what is going on with Prime Pantry (this is by no means an extensive description).

Prime Pantry offers you the convenience of doing even more of your shopping at home. This includes, but is not limited to grocery items, household goods, pet supplies, and so much more! All at a comparable cost of going to the Big Store in town.

While my family has not yet used this service, this weekend we will be making our first order. I will post the results on another blog post, so check back Sunday evening as I hope to have it posted by then. In the meantime, CLICK the link below.

For more about Prime Pantry CLICK HERE!