Wealthy Affiliate University


How I Got Here

Let’s face it, if you are less than 70 years old you have likely tried to figure out a way to earn honest money on the internet, right?! I know my wife and I have many times. We’ve done everything from trying to sell trinkets, multi-level-marketing, forex trading, and investment “deals”, all to no avail. And boy did it cost us a ton of money. I know without a shadow of a doubt that most anyone that is reading this review has been where we’ve been. It is perfectly alright to fail. It is not alright to give up on succeeding. I did give up for many years. I lost nearly everything I had chasing dreams that I just couldn’t make come true. I was bankrupt. I lost a nice home and a few years worth of income because of it. At 45 years of age I started to work for myself in a traditional business. I hit up family members to borrow money for me because I was unable to do it for myself. I got the help I needed from them and opened up a Roadside Assistance company that I still operate out of my home. It’s a living, but it is not anything that I can be passionate about. You see, I love the idea of making a living working from home and using the internet to do so. That is how I found Wealthy Affiliate. Just a Google search late one night and BOOM here I am, a Wealthy Affiliate blogger/author.

Why Wealthy Affiliate

(Before we go any further I need you to do something. Right Click Here and then click “open in new tab”. This will bring you to the Wealthy Affiliate website. You’ll want to do this so that you can start your FREE no obligation website as soon as you finish reading this review.) Now, let’s move on, shall we? Have you ever told a friend about a nice restaurant or a good movie? Most of the time when you do that your friend will end up eating at the restaurant or going to see the movie you referred them to, right? When that happens, does the restaurant or movie theater ever send you a check for your advertising efforts? No, they do not! BUT….with Wealthy Affiliate they will. So will tens of thousands of other companies in thousands of different industries. This is called earning money through Affiliate Marketing.

How Wealthy Affiliate Works

How Affiliate Marketing works is really quite simple. First, you’ll need a website. DON’T PANIC! There is free training for that as well as free website building software and free website hosting. We’ll get into that later. You will come up with an idea of what it is you’d like your website to be about. What your subject matter will be. In the Wealthy Affiliate training they call it a “niche”. In your niche there are companies that market products or services. They will provide you with something called an affiliate link. It is basically a web link that may have the company name then a dot com and after that a series of letters, numbers, and symbols. Those letters, numbers, and symbols are your code that they use to track your sales. Here is an example https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/createaccount?a_aid=c317b80a . That is my Wealthy Affiliate affiliate or referral link. When you click that link they will know that I was the one who referred you to WA, and I’ll get credit for that. Pretty cool huh! So lets put this in a little bit of real perspective. Let’s say that your niche is doing product and service reviews for Amazon.com and you want to use this link in one of you reviews ” Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks“. When someone clicks on that link which has your referral code embedded in it you will make a little bit of a commission on whatever they buy. That goes for anything they buy once you send them to Amazon, and not just on this click but for all future purchases that they make on Amazon for the next 60 days. Imagine the possibilities. They sell some high ticket items on Amazon.

Why Wealthy Affiliate

  1. Passive Income: As an Affiliate Marketer you create content. It really doesn’t matter what type of content you choose as there are over 4 BILLION people on the internet worldwide, someone somewhere is looking for whatever content you come up with! You have an audience just waiting for you to get started. But here is what really makes it “passive”. You write content today, and that content, those articles will just get stronger with age. They will pay you for years to come.  So what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED
  2. Training: I have been involved in many “work from home” business, been in direct sales, worked for insurance companies as a salesman, and many other income opportunities in my 49 years on this planet. Never before have I seen such a generous amount of totally free training. Not only is it free, but it is so detailed and step by step it is incredible! You’ll just have to experience it to understand what I’m trying to express here. You’ll be impressed, I am sure.
  3. Community: There is a very deep sense of community with Wealthy Affiliate. When I signed up I decided to get a free Yahoo Mail account specifically for my Wealthy Affiliate business. There are different forums on WA website where you can ask all the questions you want to the WA community. I requested that these questions from people in my WA network be sent to my email account so that I can go through them at the end of the day and see if any are helpful to me. Most questions will get multiple responses from the WA community. Sometime those responses are almost instant. With so much training and so much help from the community there is absolutely no reason why a person would fail who is consistent in posting new content, going through the training provided, and asking questions whenever needed.
  4. Free Website: Yes, thats right. With Wealthy Affiliate you get a free SiteRubix website. Not just one, but as many as you can manage. And yes, they will take you step by step starting with the tiniest detail on how to build your website. Nothing is left to guesswork. It is all explained.
  5. Income as a Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate: Thats not double talk. You can actually market nothing but Wealthy Affiliate and make a very comfortable income. The guy who showed Wealthy Affiliate to me is doing just that. And has been doing that for 9 years now.

So, you should have all the info you need to make an educated decision. Once you create an account and start the training process I’ll get a notification that you’ve joined and I’ll be sending you some messages to welcome you aboard, encourage you to succeed, and offer my assistance when you need it. If you have not already started your free account I encourage you to click the banner below and get started today. I’ll be seeing you on Wealthy Affiliate. I wish you great success!