Week 4 Weight Loss Update

Welcome friends! I am so excited about something that happened this week!! If you follow me on Facebook you are aware that something happened to me this week that I could hardly wait to share with you. But first let me tell you about this weeks lack of lost pounds.

As you can see in the above picture that I only lost one pound this week. It may shock you that I am not totally discouraged at this sad amount of weight loss this week. I am actually very excited that I lost a single pound this week. Here’s why. We had family come in on Friday from out of state. This is family that we rarely get to see, so when they come in we throw a feast! Well, I have decided that I am not gonna punish myself on these types of occasions. I allowed myself a full weekend off of my new way of eating.

Just to let you in on how badly I fell off of the wagon I’ll share with you what was available throughout the weekend. Let’s see, there was fried chicken, BBQ fried chicken (Oh MY GARSH!), Mac and Cheese, desserts that were out of this world, and did I mention fried chicken lol. I can’t even remember what all there was. I just want you to know that I wasn’t even trying to be good.

All that said, through 2 days of falling back into my old ways I was still able to jump right back on the wagon and continue my journey. Not to mention losing a pound on top of that.

Next week will be better!

Now for my exciting news. In the past year and a half I started having to buy new clothes because the ones I had were getting too tight. As a matter of fact, when I got on Dr. John McDougall’s program I tried to put on a pair of jeans that I had replaced over a year ago and I couldn’t even get the buttons on the waistband to get within an inch of each other. I now regret that I did not take any body measurements other than my weight when I started this, but I didn’t because my belief was not really all that high as to whether I would even lose any weight because of my recent past failures. But, I did try on those pants in the beginning, grateful for that because this week, 4 and 1/2 weeks into this new way of eating, I was able to button them up AND COMFORTABLY!! Sorry I don’t mean to brag…THE HECK I DON’T lol!! I am bragging, because I am doing this! My body is healing, I feel great, I am encouraged!

Please understand, I have not been able to lose any weight for several years now. No matter what I tried I could not lose weight. And even though my weight loss may not be stellar, I am totally thrilled that I no longer feel my body is broken. It is not broken! God is healing my body by the natural foods He gave us, not by taking manmade pills or supplements. You don’t need supplements when you eat what God created you to eat!

I want to leave you with this, Get on Dr John MacDougall’s program. Read his books or get them on audio . If you have had trouble in the past with weight loss, if you don’t feel good, if you can’t afford surgery or expensive diet programs, if you are too self-conscious (like me) to go to a gym, or if you just want to learn to eat healthier, please get his books. Getting healthy does not have to be complicated. It does not have to be expensive. YOU….CAN….DO….THIS! Come go with me to a smaller place.

I love you, God loves you. Let’s get this done! Bye-bye


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