Weekly STASH Update For Feb 10

Hey! Have you downloaded STASH yet??? Why not!? STASH is your best bet as a beginning investor to learn the ins and outs of investing in the stock market.

So here is this week’s update. The week started off good but the overall market got sluggish the last few days of the this week. Did you see what SNAP did? At one point this week I was up 30% with SNAP. That’s a great return, and much more than your bank pays in interest. Of course, that doesn’t happen every day, nor does it happen with every stock or ETF. But it does happen occasionally, and the more you diversify the more frequently that will happen in you portfolio. Full disclosure; the potential for the opposite to happen increases as well. All in all you can easily expect about a 15% increase each year in the stock market by simply putting your money into a good SPY index fund and letting in grow. However, if you actually create a trading plan, even using the one that I have implemented with my STASH portfolio, you can possibly expect much bigger returns. Keep in mind that no one (myself included) can predict what the market or individual stocks will do. Don’t believe me? Go check out the posts on StockTwits. Watch the constant flow of predictions going on there on an hourly basis. It is really crazy. By the way, I do not recommend that website for new investors. Heck, I don’t even recommend it to seasoned investors.

I Won’t be doing the video trades from here on. Instead I will be updating on Sundays with end-of-day screenshots of my portfolio as well as whatever dividends I received, Monday morning purchases, Tuesday purchases of the previous Friday’s sales, and current week’s end-of-week sales. I hope this will be an encouragement to all new investors. Please get started creating a future today. Join STASH!

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