What Is Affiliate Marketing And Can I Make Money Doing It

Affiliate Marketing is an arrangement between an online retailer like Amazon and a website owner/blogger. The website owner/blogger promotes products and services provided by online retailer resulting in paying customers being directed to retailer, said customers making purchases on retailers website, and blogger being compensated for their efforts. Let’s see how this looks in a real life scenario.

I create a website very similar to this website, but instead of promoting Affiliate Marketing I choose to promote Amazon products and services. I begin writing reviews on my newly created website. One of the products or services that I have written about happens to be something that you are searching google for more information about. In your Google search you come across my website and my article about the product you are researching. While reading my article you click on one of the links I provided that directs you to the actual product listing on the Amazon website. By clicking on that link Amazon recognizes instantly that I was the one who directed you to their online store. Because of this, whatever you purchase on Amazon during that visit will result in me getting a commission based on your total purchases. This is done without effecting your purchase price. This is the basics of Affiliate Marketing. The really neat thing is, I can get paid for your future purchases as well depending on certain factors that are not necessary to discuss in this blog post. Just know that it is not only possible but also very likely that it could happen.

Now, let me tell you something that has actually happened to an acquaintance of mine in the Affiliate Marketing business. He had a customer that was directed to Amazon by one of his blogpost reviews of a product sold on Amazon. The customer was apparently furnishing their entire house through Amazon because they spent thousands of dollars over a few visits to Amazon. My acquaintance was compensated quite well for simply writing a short article about a single product that resulted in a much larger sale. Pretty cool huh!?

For a little more clarity on what CAN happen let me explain something to you. That same blogpost that he wrote is still on his website, still registers on Google search results, and is still driving traffic from his website to Amazon’s website, and this is 3 years down the road. Thats right, he wrote the article three years ago and it is still making money for him. He has also written hundreds, possibly thousands of article reviews on other products and services that Amazon provides. All of these articles generate income for him, even while he sleeps.

That’s it! Affiliate Marketing in its most basic form. And there are thousands of companies and opportunities online to participate in Affiliate Marketing. It is an opportunity that can never be saturated. Why? Because it is a truly global market with billions of potential customers. The only thing you need to do to start making an income with Affiliate Marketing is get started.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that there is no way you can make a living at Affiliate Marketing because you know nothing about building a website nor getting traffic to it. I know this is likely what you’re thinking because I honestly thought the same thing.

I knew nothing about building a website or getting people to read my articles and reviews. Yet within just a couple of hours of finding out about Affiliate Marketing I had this very website built and ready to start making money. And it didn’t cost me a dime to start. Wealthy Affiliate will unlock the secrets for you to making money online through Affiliate Marketing. The banner below will take you to the training site of Wealthy Affiliate. Click on it and get started today. I’ll be available to you for any help you need once you log in the first time.

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