Why Your Home Based Business Failed And What You Need To Do About It!

Have you ever started a business from home only to have it fail a few months later? I know it has happened to me. It has happened to nearly everyone I know at one time or another.

Here’s how it usually goes; you start a small business from your living room or garage. You have flyers printed, a box of business cards made, maybe a sign in your yard, a website, join the local Chamber of Commerce, put an ad in the paper, and oh yeah, you gotta tell all your friends that your in business. And then after all of this you might make your first sale or get your first paid job. You may even get a couple of repeat customers….and then….NOTHING ELSE!

Months may go by and you’re still working a full-time job with a good steady check and benefits just like you’ve always done, but now you are finding yourself working your home business when you get off work. It doesn’t pay you much if anything. You feel like all you do is work all the time because you are either at your full-time job, out doing jobs for your few customers you’ve accumulated, or you are working at promoting your business. It can become very discouraging, especially if you are making little to no profit in your business.

When you start becoming discouraged and start thinking in terms such as this, you are in the self-destruct mode. You may even be aware that you are in this mode, but have gotten to a point where you are physically as well as mentally exhausted. I know because I have been there.

I have gotten to this point several times in my life. I have failed at nearly everything I have ever done! Honestly, that is how you get ahead. As strange as it may seem, you must fail yourself forward. Most things you do will fail. That does not make you a failure. What makes you a failure is when you give up for good. When you decide you will never try again, that is the definition of failure. Don’t get to this point.

If you have failed at something you are in great company. Here are just a few:

  1. One young man built 5,126 failed prototypes of his improved version of a vacuum cleaner. It only took him 15 years of trying over and over again until he finally got it right. Now he has a net worth of $4.5 BILLION. You can read the story of Sir James Dyson here.
  2. The man responsible for the lighting in your house, car, city streets, and anywhere else you may see due to artificial lighting was once told by his teacher in school that he was “too stupid to ever learn anything.” That man’s name was Thomas Edison. There have been several books and documentaries made about his “stupidity”.
  3. If anyone ever earned to right to give up it would have been the great Abraham Lincoln. From multiple bankruptcies and failed businesses to EIGHT failed elections, he went on to become one of the greatest presidents this country has ever known. Why? Chiefly because he never quit. Lincoln has one of the greatest and most encouraging yet heartbreaking stories ever told. Here are some great documentaries on the man Abraham Lincoln!
  4. Who has never heard the story of Green Eggs and Ham? If you are living today the odds are very slim that you don’t know who “Sam I am” is, or what he now eats “here or there”. Right!? Well did you also know the you almost never got the chance to hear of Sam, green eggs, Cat in the Hat, Whoville, or Dr. Seuss? You only heard of him because he wouldn’t quit after nearly 30 publishes told him his books weren’t very good. He then went on to sell more than 600 million copies of those same books. There is much more to this great man’s story here.

These are only a few of the many people in history who have tried and failed, tried and failed, and tried and WON! Here are a few other names with similar stories:

  1. Oprah Winfrey Interview
  2. Steven Spielberg Video Interview
  3. American Experience Walt Disney
  4. Vincent Van Gough
  5. Jerry Seinfeld Seinlanguage

Those should keep you busy for awhile!

Now, I would like to encourage you to never give up trying! NEVER! And always explore every opportunity that fate places in your path. You never know when the next one is your GREAT ONE. In order for you to find your Great Freedom Maker you may have to go through only about 27 failures like Dr Seuss. Wouldn’t that be amazing to know that you only had to fail 27 times to get to your Great Freedom Maker?!

You may have to go through 5,126 also. That is exactly what happened to Sir James Dyson. Was it worth it? I think he would tell you HECK YEAH!

All of these people had one thing in common. For the most part, they made it big without someone holding their hand and teaching them everything they needed to know to succeed. They did it mostly by life lessons and hard knocks.

I am a tow truck driver by trade. By night, I am a blogger. If you are not aware there are literally millions of people making a good income with their side-hustle blog or vlog. The really amazing thing is, there is a ton of help from real people. There are literally thousands of people right this very minute monitoring a website and email accounts, and instant messenger portals just waiting to help you with your questions on writing articles, building audiences, and everything else that you need to be a success. The only secret ingredient you need is to be persistent. You don’t even have to be real knowledgeable or even interesting. You just need to be persistent after learning a few basic skills that are very simple to learn.

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